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    Where to learn the Sybil on the Trilogy?

    As Sinful said on flourishes 101, and they teach sybil also in Jackson 5 so it shouldnt be a problem
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    I think its different but the style of my cut its the same of the creator cut style. Of course i give the creator credit becouse i inspierd by him. Thank about the comments ill talk with the creator.
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    I create a new cut the similar to cut that i saw. the creator of the cut i saw didnt publish a tutorial for his cut. My cut is onley same look but the move are different. So if i publish my cut (not in tutorial) its that ok or i hurt his copyright?
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    How do you practice?

    at first im doing slow every move until i do the the flourish smooth and then i start working about speed and smooth
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    Armadillo Tutorial + BONUS

    very nice cut and good tutorial good job man
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    D&D - The System

    as someone says here the teaching avrage but still im sure you learn easly few cuts there, but theres few that the teaching not helping so much
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    Favorite Flourisher To Watch

    i choose kevin, is a very talnted man. i really love is style becouse everything on is hand looks so smooth and easy. im not perforem any move by him at all but i love his sick and twisted wings of the mockinbird, love this style of flourishes. I discover kevin on his youtube channel.
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    The code is released

    finaly it released im sure buy gonna buy it
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