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    Uncaged. Untamed. New video in the series :) this one has a few original effects ive been working on recently! had a lot of fun with this one! hope you enjoy! Stay sweet!
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    ALIVE{youtube} new magic video! i hope you guys enjoy it! stay sweet :)
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    Its Morphin TIME!! new video! this one is pretty short! borrowed that hoodie from a friend an just had to make this xD any of you watch power rangers as a kid? or still? haha ENJOY (:
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    Start a riot! This is a magic video i made when i went on vacation earlier this summer! I hope you enjoy it and id love to hear feedback :) i tried to add a few comedy elements in this one as well! haha
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    ICE bucket challenge

    Has anyone done this challenge and added magical elements to it??? i was going to do a magic performance around it but i decided to go in a different direction haha check it out anyways! Dont hate. donate.
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    Reclaim Your Scars (magic/cardistry video)

    My 3rd video in my magic/cardistry series this one contains some original moves which are simple and powerful Not too much magic in this one bc its cardistry based! next weeks video is way more focused on magic ENJOY! (:
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    FADING OUT(magic/cardistry video) Video 2 in my magic/cardisty video series :) mostly short impactful cardistry! and visual eye candy! id love to hear some feedback!! each video in the series gets progressively better! and if you enjoy it leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE :)
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    VANDALS (magic/cardistry video) This is the first in my 4 part cardistry/magic series! each video in the series gets progressively better! Its all visual magic and mostly short impactful cardistry moves! I bought a new camera so i wanted to test it out! Also i made a new channel...
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    Heckler vs. Improv 1:20 - 1:36 in the video is what im highlighting here. Sometimes things DONT ALWAYS GO AS PLANNED. but as the performer it is your job to adapt to the situation at hand! I was performing for a group of people at m friends...
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    My deck design

    So for my graphics course i chose to do an ad campaign for an original deck of cards! i will eventually post all of the different types of ads i did but for now here is the deck i created in a week :) The MTS DECK (MTS being my initials)
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