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  1. Justin Miller

    New Live Chatroom - Info

    I am game for a lively chat..what are the best sites for this to happen.. get back to me and i will set it up. Justin N. Miller
  2. Justin Miller

    Justin Millers Christmas Contest...

    It has been a great yr for us and I would like to extend my thanks with a contest for all of you here at Theory 11. Here are the prizes.. The first one to send me the answers through my e-mail gets the grand prize package.. The Cloak with thread.. The NEW X-marks the spot... The NEW...
  3. Justin Miller

    Hey I am 16 and I am putting out Lecture notes and a DVD...Cool huh?

    AGHHHH! i went to edit a word that was mispelled and I erased the entire post..sorry guys. If you want the entire post the cafe has it. Now before some of you say "he erased it on purpose because to much heat" give me a break. Justin (shagrinned) Miller
  4. Justin Miller

    A pros. review of Guardians... Justin N. Miller

    So like all of you I was awe-struck with the preview of these cards. So here is an honest review of Theory 11's...The Guardians. First, you need to know that I lecture and perform at conventions so right off the bat I ordered 144 decks due to the sizes of my audiences. I used to use NOTHING...
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