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  1. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Copper Brass Silver - CBS by Paul Vigil

    Looking to add some coin magic to your material that does not require years of your life to learn? CBS by Paul Vigil may be the one for you!
  2. obrienmagic

    Ninja+ on Penn & Teller Fool Us!

    In case you have not seen it, I was fortunate enough to perform Matthew Garrett’s Ninja+ live for Penn & Teller on Fool Us! I had an absolute blast and wanted to thank Matthew personally for not only being my mentor and teaching this effect to me, but for being an incredible friend and...
  3. obrienmagic

    Fool Us on Friday Oct. 22nd

    All I am going to say is I suspect that episode will be a fun one.. you should check it out! ;)
  4. obrienmagic

    Temporary Tattoos

    I keep seeing ads pop up for temporary tattoos as well as tiktok videos of people teaching how to make temp tattoos. Not sure 100% how good this will turn out but I thought it would be fun to throw this out there as a magic idea. There are tons of tattoo reveals that many of us would like to do...
  5. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Alchemist Book Test + ESP cards by Black Cat Magic

    If you are looking for some fun closeup mentalism this is a great place to start! Going to be taking a look at the Alchemist Book Test, ESP cards, Stroop Blindness, and Zodiac Test by Black Cat Magic!
  6. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Sudden Deck 3 by David Regal

    I have owned both Sudden Deck 2 & 3 and both are great! I think V2 is currently out of print, but to those who owned V2 and wanna upgrade to V3 or those who maybe have never even heard of this effect, I will not only review the product but also do a comparison on other versions as well. Cool...
  7. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Visible by Craig Petty and The 1914

    If you have not had a chance to check out Visible by Craig Petty I HIGHLY recommend you do so! Whether you are a seasoned pro, huge fan of the ID, or have never even heard of one, THIS is a great buy if only even to just get your creative juices flowing!
  8. obrienmagic

    Shaking off the dust!

    Been so long since I did a proper kids magic show for a large audience! I think i did ok considering how out of practice I am! Haha what do you think? What could I have improved on?
  9. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: The Raven!

    Looking for the ultimate utility device? Check THIS out!
  10. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: The Siri Project by Amir Mughal

    Looking fir some fun utility ideas using Siri? Check THIS out!
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    REVIEW: Hysteria by Chad Long

    Looking for some nee coin magic to add to your act? Check out Chad Long’s “Hysteria,” a visual one-handed coin matrix effect that looks like real magic. Can be performed on its own or as a smaller part of a larger coin effect. Comes in quarter, half dollar, or download only versions if you...
  12. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Mnemonica & Aronson MemDeck Trainers

    The brillant mind of Thom Parkin is at it again! This time with a brilliant way to memorise some if your favorite memdeck stacks! There are tons of ways you can do this but IMO Thom’s method is the best and easiest. Find out why in today’s review!
  13. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Ring in the Bell by Reynold Alexander & Penguin Magic

    Looking for a new ring flight? Something to ring in the audience? Have you ever heard of Reynold Alexander? If his name rings a bell you may enjoy this one!
  14. obrienmagic

    Where to get started in magic!

    This is sort of a review but mostly my advice to anyone looking to get into magic. If you yourself or someone you know wants to start learning magic, you NEED to take a look at this book! Find out what makes it so great in this video!
  15. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Little Door by Roddy McGhie

    This is a lot of fun to play with! Super simple to perform and a great way to answer the question “how did you do that?” Spectators are guaranteed to ask so why not give them what they want? An explanation that is fun but maintains the secret!
  16. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Gossip by Craig Petty & Alakazam Magic

    I know you have heard the rumors! It is all anyone will talk about! And they are 100% true! The Gossip review by Craig Petty is here! Check it out!
  17. obrienmagic

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Test!

    I hope you all enjoyed this! The idea comes from one of my followers actually. Lol he reached out and asked how would I do this with the card text on a Yu-Gi-Oh! Card? I came up with this method based on a few different ideas by Banachek and Ted Karmilovich. It is extremely simple and...
  18. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Revamp by Nicholas Lawrence & P3

    Hope you enjoy the review! This is a great piece of organic magic from one of the best creators alive today!
  19. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Pokémon Svengali Deck by Sam & Tom Magic

    This is freakin cool! Magic with pokemon cards!!!!
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