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    Would you buy this?

    Started Magic.. 4 years ago... and stopped 3 years ago... But gradually picking up again. I don't expect much from this thread, considering I haven't been participating in the forums at all during the activity period of this account~ But I just wanted to get some ideas from magicians...
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    About Arrcos?

    Hi Guys~ I'm gonna make an order in an hour or so from DnD and I'm thinking of getting a few packs of Arrcos(which i have never used before), but I'm not entirely sure about their quality and handling so if you guys can provide a quick review-ish post then that would help, thanks! An hour...
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    Just wondering where you guys get your supply of tally-ho's? I am currently in Canada BC (and will stay there as far as youre concerned) and the shipping fees are horrifying. :(
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