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    2 new david blaine episodes

    Me too, I got off work early and found out about it...thank god for a slow work day
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    2 new david blaine episodes

    Just wanted to let everyone know that there are 2 NEW DAVID BLAINE EPISODES on tonight on the travel channel starting 9 pm eastern.(thats what my dvr tells me) They are kind of like documentaries I believe. so HIT THE RECORD BUTTON
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    Cant listen or download podcasts

    Ever since daniel garcia's last podcast I cant listen or download the mp3. Im pretty sure its my internet, but is there another way of accessing the podcasts. more specifically danny G's
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    Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

    1. being a Latino performer, do you feel any more pressure in the magic community? 2. do you feel that your first three DGP's have more of your personality or the new set? 3 what was your most memorable/favorite thing working with david blaine?
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    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration of the new deck and its meanings
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    What magician are you?

    hey guys, i juss thought it would be interesting to see what type of magician u are. i feel like im a HYBRID between Daniel Garcia and Dan White. I like to amuse and make ppl laugh like danny G. then i like to leave a mysterious type feel like Dan White, making ppl think u have some type of...
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    EMC on PS3?

    unless i have read wrong then i apologize, but i read it on their website i juss checked and i think its juss a small taste of the show.
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    EMC on PS3?

    hey guys, i juss read that the emc will be free to watch on the internet, all you need is a broadband or whatever, my question is, could i watch this on my PS3? i have an ethernet connection, i would like to watch this on my T.V. screen instead of the computer screen. any info would greatly...
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    Thanks for the birthday wish. Really appreciate it. Where is my present?lol

    Thanks for the birthday wish. Really appreciate it. Where is my present?lol
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    t11.SNC - Roundtable Discussion : Behind The Scenes at t11

    @dan-what was your most memorable moment working with david blaine? @dan-how does it feel to be someone of asian ethnicity in the magic community? @dan-since you are judging submissions for creativity, what is your current favorite trick and why?
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion - Eric Ross

    what is your favorite trick or type of magic do you like to perform? How do you feel about the direction that magic is heading? can you tell us about your most memorable performance?
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    Where to Find Bicycle Vintage Safety Back and Racer Back

    haha thanks man i really appreciate it sanj
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    Where to Find Bicycle Vintage Safety Back and Racer Back

    i found a website but im always hesitant to trust websites, is reliable and thanks for the help guys. SanJ is reliable, im sure u wouldnt give out bad sites, juss wanna make sure
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    Where to Find Bicycle Vintage Safety Back and Racer Back

    i like to collect cards, and i was wondering if u guys knew where i could find the bicycle vintage safety backs and racer backs, penguin and ellusionist are out of stock. i would appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Smoke and Mirror V4 Problem

    i noticed it on both of my decks, both 7 of clubs have it, its not that big of a deal for me so its cool. If u look at a few pics on the product page u can actually see the spot.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Homer Liwag

    Other than yourself, who do you think has made a huge impact in coin magic? Did you ever feel the pressure to work even harder bc of your race? Did you ever consider having a different person to work w you on coinone besides Chris Kenner, or was he a must have on the DvD?
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    New Video

    hey guys, juss wanted to let you know that my bro and i juss made a vid, i was pretty impressed at the editing bc it was really his second time doing it and it was used w windows movie maker, not the greatest editing tool, but i hope you like it. Constructive criticism is welcome Thanks...
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    hey guys i was wondering if you guys can tell me what would be a good buy from here. these are my choices Methods in Magic by Joshua Jay...i dont know if i would get this bc the tricks taught are some i already know, but it sounds good Casanova hesitating bc i feel that this...
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    Static Gimmick - Help

    hey guys, I have recieved my static dvd, and i got around to making the gimmick, the first time i made it i realized that is was not right, the gimmick had ungimmicked itself after a couple tries. I made it again and i got it right, my question: After a couple tries, like five times the gimmick...
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