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  1. masterillusions

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    i belive theory11 should have another flourish contest just make up a neat flourish that has a small display in it some where and perfect it and film it
  2. masterillusions

    Saturday Night Contest - Utilize the Elements Here is my video utilizing all four elements hope yall enjoy
  3. masterillusions

    Smoke Ideas

    yea those are neat idea but the concept of it it is kinda unorthadorx
  4. masterillusions

    The new designer shirts?

    umm the deal should say wt size if not contact t11 they will tell u
  5. masterillusions

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    i think there should be a rubber band snc cause their is a few things to do with bands in magic so y nt have a list of set tricks and have them be performed
  6. masterillusions


    i would suggest you mabey get surfaced for one of the best color changes and aslo look in the media videos for some of the tricks by jason and eddie and the other guys learn simple stuff and make all the friend you can to help you learn and create new stuff
  7. masterillusions

    Aaron Fisher online lecture tomorrow!

    ill try and be there cause it seems like a good opprotunity to et help on my anti gravity pass
  8. masterillusions

    "Can you show me a trick?"

    i usually say ' ok ill show you a trick" and do a flip flop change routine itssimple and u cant realy mess up i also would reccomend youdo mabey clipshift or ego change nothin to big but if u got a group of 3 ppl and u making 4 and u r inside at a table or something do c3
  9. masterillusions

    T11 new card idea ?

    yea exaactly man i see the design as a image i can picture them but i cant draw them lol
  10. masterillusions

    T11 new card idea ?

    Hey guys i was thinking some how that the t11 team could creat some typer of new deck in the future using the new logo cause i really seem to like the logo so drop a post tell me wt u think i say a new deck of the t11 logo would be a neat idea
  11. masterillusions

    Dan Buck's FA card trick

    where u live in the states or over seas cause a friend on dan and forums said they release it in europe to so idk ull have to ask dan and dave
  12. masterillusions

    Dan Buck's FA card trick

    This is a card trick i saw on a friends channel on youtube and it is my new favorite trick i wanna no if any 1 noes anything about it cause i wanna try and learn the spin part the only trouble im having
  13. masterillusions

    Saturday Night Contest - Roundtable Discussion with Jesse Feinberg

    i belive i saw the youtube man mismag822 do a similar type of trick like this how many times would u think it would take a normal spectator to figure this trick out
  14. masterillusions

    Is it all camera tricks? Any ideas on these routines?

    fake we all no magic aint real and video editing can be done like tht so yea
  15. masterillusions

    What is this lighter effect?

    havent seen thth b4 but umm mabey a small gimmick wick or something but its like the twilight zippo trick tht is how its done to put the flame back
  16. masterillusions

    t11.SNC - Roundtable Discussion : Behind The Scenes at t11

    dan white// what would you say got you most inspiered in to magic besides childhood magic shows you saw. jb// what can you say would be your biggest insperation in magic arts and in our sport we call cardistry
  17. masterillusions

    The Expert At the Card Table

    Yes, I have seen them. They are amazing - I recommend them if you were going to get them. [edited by moderator for proper grammar]
  18. masterillusions

    hey in your short one video whats that first cut with the spin called

    hey in your short one video whats that first cut with the spin called
  19. masterillusions

    High School Magic

    We all know that you need practice to be better at a trick. If you are in high school, how much time do you have ? You have less because you have to study and write boring crap. Take advantage of the time in high school and practice. How much during school hours do you practice your magic ?
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