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  1. Blindside462

    Revealing our pregnancy with Magic.

    I sure went overboard with envelopes and such, at first I didn't want to do a magic trick. While in the parking lot at Applebee's the idea just came along. Hope you enjoy our little moment :)
  2. Blindside462

    Street Magic Video Performances | Small Compilation

    Have a little compilation here of random performances, all for strangers. I'm trying to get out and film more often and see where it goes, kind of just doing it for fun since my new schedule allows me to. Here is what I got so far. Mismade Bill: Chicago Opener, Stairway, Coin Bend, Quick...
  3. Blindside462

    Matthew Mello's Limited Release : A Day at the Beach

    Matt Mello's " A Day at the Beach " Before I start I can say that I do use some of Matthew's effects in my performances. Mainly Serial and Instinct. They have served me well and I'm happy to be reviewing this, but that won't sway my review. What you get. An ebook with the main routine and a...
  4. Blindside462

    Video review: JAQK Deck | First impressions
  5. Blindside462

    Another Twitter Giveaway. Win the new sold out JAQKS!

    Hey guys. I did a giveaway not too long ago and gave away Bending the Real and Anate. This time you're in the running for one of the SOLD OUT JAQK decks. All you need to do is follow and RT and you are entered. Next time I'll be giving away a brand new unopened S&M v5! Follow me...
  6. Blindside462

    WH's T&R on sale. Limited to 100. I bought mine! Only 100 copies. With Wayne Houchin's fan base I can imagine that these are gonna sell out very very quickly.
  7. Blindside462

    Color Change Thanks for watching :D
  8. Blindside462

    Control I've been performing with.

    Here is a control utilizing the DPS I've been performing with for a while now.
  9. Blindside462

    "Make Believe"

    I don't know if this has been posted yet. My brother sent me this video thinking of me hahaha.
  10. Blindside462

    A few live performances. ACR. Dr. Daley. Mr. E Takes a Stroll

    So earlier this month I went to Seattle's Emerald City. It was my first time going to a convention like this and I brought cards (Sentinels) just in case. I'm putting this up here for a few laughs, I'm a very casual performer and I've done one gig, and don't plan on doing anymore just yet...
  11. Blindside462

    A very drunk Mr. E takes a stroll.

    From John Guastaferro's book. So I know this isn't AWESOME! But this is with a few friends who have been watching me perform magic all day and we were at a hotel having a little party that died down so I decided to perform one of my favorite effects. It was a real tester for me to see how...
  12. Blindside462

    Nathan Kranzo - In Session

    Nathan Kranzo:: IN SESSION This was my first one on one mentoring session. I didn't know what to expect and I have to say it was absolutely brilliant! He got straight to the point and really leaves nothing out. If he teaches you something he'll cover the bases and give you variations on say a...
  13. Blindside462

    Matthew Mello's Modern Mentalism Volume 1

    Matthew Mello is a fantastic creator. I remember purchasing his "Instinct" when it first came out and I've been using it ever since in front of a live audience. Papercrane recently released his Modern Mentalism set (2 disks/downloads). The Ad: Volume 1 :: Serial :: An on-the-spot serial...
  14. Blindside462


    Just stopping by to say that his is awesome and fun to play with, I even taught myself how to blow smoke rings haha. So yeah I'm not gonna do a full review because I haven't gotten the full experience yet. I have performed it one on one with each of my family members and they loved it. But...
  15. Blindside462

    DG Projects 4, 5, and 6 information for you

    I don't know if you guys have seen this but..there is a full description of the DG projects at mjm magic. That means it's being released soon...maybe from here! VOLUME 4 Includes: William Tell...
  16. Blindside462

    Tom Isaacson

    After Prophet there really has been no word from this guy. Anything in the works? He's been kind of forgotten.
  17. Blindside462

    Digital Dissolve | BJ Bueno's handling of Steve Dusheck

    I think I'm on a roll here with Theory11 products. Grabbed a Bee Stinger and another Split Spade along with Digital Dissolve. I've heard so many good things about this product and got to play around with it in San Diego for a tiny bit. You get the gimmick w/ the needed coins, a DVD...
  18. Blindside462

    Need help building a great ACR routine

    For a while I stopped working on my Ambitous card because I got frustrated and went on to other effects. I need a little bit of help advancing my ACR. There are too many phases in many people's ACR's it's ridiculous so I only want to keep it to at the most ..4 the most. I...
  19. Blindside462

    Got crush! First look.

    These are my first impressions, not a full review because I haven't performed it yet! I got crush in the mail today. The gimmick is well constructed. The only thing that saddened me is that I ddin't recieve everything that was said in the DVD. It doesn't limit me to performing it but it...
  20. Blindside462

    Limited Edition Bicycle - A little story inside

    A quick quick overview for whoever thinks of going into a store like Target to grab some random playing cards. A friend of mine who I have known for over 2 years has seen me performing coin magic while I was at applebees. I told her that I could do card tricks as well. I had no money so we...
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