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  1. Hakaari

    A apology. ChristopherT,TylerScott

    ok, so I feel I need to apologize to ChristopherT and TylerScottIllusionist I have done you wrong, and I truly DO apologize, in both cases I was drunk. this is not a good enough reason to Post what I did, but unfortunatly it Again, from the bottom of my heart, I do honestly...
  2. Hakaari

    Limited account questions you said something bad and a Admin contacted you that your account might be limited.... does this last forever? do I have to wait 15 minutes to read 1 of the topics on the threads for the rest of my life...then if I want to read another one, it takes another 15 minutes....I have to say...
  3. Hakaari

    Bored and want to Create a new card trick

    Anyone interested in starting up a conversation and create a card trick together? any skill level
  4. Hakaari

    Vernons automatic gambler routine

    so, I`ve been reading "Dai Vernon`s select secret" and he claims to have a self-working Gambling routine in it...however, upon doing the setup and running trough it a few times I find that his own setup only works for 2 of 4 phases...the 2 remaining ones either needs sleight of hand (which then...
  5. Hakaari

    A few tips from a veteran when dealing with cards

    1. Clean hands Clean hands will not only allow you to keep your deck alive for much longer, but even the best trick can be ruined by having dirty hands or nails 2.Card Cases When you Put your cards away, get used to the habit of ALWAYS putting them into the box in the same way...for me I always...
  6. Hakaari

    Northern Norway, Tromsoe..Looking for new->intermediate sleight of hand artist

    I`ve been working with cards and coins for close to 20 years now, and I have recently decided that I want to either A) team up with someone or B) start teaching sleight of hand so I am looking for someone in the vicinity of Tromsoe, Northern Norway. Age must be 18+
  7. Hakaari

    A few routine questions from a amateur

    I am a aspiring magician from Norway, been into cards for...a long time, but never actually made a routine..most of my experience performing troughouth the years have been at bars and such, nothing official, just me bringing my deck of cards with me wherever I go. but I have never actually made...
  8. Hakaari

    Looking for high quality Black Backed Cards

    as the topic states, I am looking for some Black backed cards withouth borders, preferebly traditionally cut for cardistry...and it wouldn`t be wrong if they had some cool looking front graphics I could use either as a distraction or as part of a story for routines. (like Bicycle`s Stargazer)...
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