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    Peter Turner At The Table

    Hi So this lecture seems very interesting, it is only 7.95$. If anyone has it, I would really appreciate a review and if you could tell me what effects are taught.
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    In-box change for The Wire

    This is the color change I came up with, It is visual and happens inside the box. Video: What do you think about it? And would it be good fit for The Wire?
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    Best Close Up Pads

    What are the best close up pads? Where can I get them?
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    Decoy Yes or No

    Hi This question is mostly for people that have this. Is gimmick good and worth the money, or is it something that you can craft at home? Should I get it? Thanks
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    Overstuft and Decoy

    Which one of 2 do you prefer and why, Decoy or Overstuft?
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    Decoy or Sharpie Through Card

    Hi everyone I want to buy one of these effects and I want your opinion on them. Should I get Decoy or Sharpie Through Card? I know these 2 effects are completely different but which one is better for street performing and which one is more VISUAL? Thanks
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    Simphony deck of playing cards

    Hi, I created this deck few months ago and I want your opinion, is it good or bad. Here is the back design:
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    Speed Twister Flourish

    Hi, guys what do you think about this flourish? Good for the Wire?
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    Erdnase go round problem

    Hi guys, I am having problem with this move I am watching the video and trying to do it over and over again and I still can not do it. Any tips?
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    Where can I learn this?

    Does anyone know where can learn this trick?
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    Card manipulation

    Hi, guys I have all three volumes of card manipulation by Dan Sperry. So my question is what are the best books about the card manipulation?
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    Help to improve cardisty videos

    Hi guys I need help to improve my cardisty videos, I could really use some advice about it, tell me how do you make your videos. I have camera it isn't anything special and I have a tripod, I tried to make videos but they're not good, I always go out of camera view or the background is...
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    Maguic shop

    Does anyone lives in Serbia? I was trying to find out is there any magic shop but I didn't found anything. Does anyone knows magic shop in Serbia ?
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    playing cards and magicians

    Hi guys I was wondering could you answer these 3 questions: 1. What is your favorite deck, why? 2. Who is your favorite magician / cardist? 3.Where do you usually buy DVDs, which ones?
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    Tap Link

    Hi,I was wondering could this be a good effect for The Wire? It's my version of linking rubber bands. What do you think?
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