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  1. masterillusions

    T11 new card idea ?

    Hey guys i was thinking some how that the t11 team could creat some typer of new deck in the future using the new logo cause i really seem to like the logo so drop a post tell me wt u think i say a new deck of the t11 logo would be a neat idea
  2. masterillusions

    Dan Buck's FA card trick

    This is a card trick i saw on a friends channel on youtube and it is my new favorite trick i wanna no if any 1 noes anything about it cause i wanna try and learn the spin part the only trouble im having
  3. masterillusions

    High School Magic

    We all know that you need practice to be better at a trick. If you are in high school, how much time do you have ? You have less because you have to study and write boring crap. Take advantage of the time in high school and practice. How much during school hours do you practice your magic ?
  4. masterillusions

    Birthday Party for 40+ People...Advice Needed

    hey yall im going to do a big family birthday party ill be doing card magic and i think i should find routines what do u yall think are good routines this is all card magic and coin and rubberband so help me out
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