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  1. nexusmagic

    My Presentation of Wiregrams

    Hey this is a video that I made because I wasn't happy with the previous presentation of wiregrams so I made this. Any comments complaints?
  2. nexusmagic

    Coin Battle

    I am pretty bored at my house and would like to do a battle before I start college. So to kind of break normality of Mechanic grip battles, and any battle involving cards I would like to have a coin battle. Minimum editting i.e titles music only I don't want an MTV video here. Hey if you have...
  3. nexusmagic

    ACR Routine

    Okay so this is my ACR routine as of current and would like to know how to make it sharper, I am not talking better but how to make the sleights sharper, also if you are good with timing could you point out were my timing was off for certain moves.
  4. nexusmagic

    Just to let you know....

    If you want to watch a awesome free lectures over everything skeptics quickly go here. Also if you missed yesterdays you missed the presentation on Jerry Andrus, holy cow no really I am pretty sure this magician and inventor had a holy cow at some...
  5. nexusmagic

    Invisible palm

    Howdy I need a bit of advice, if you see faults please say so. Okies thanks you all.
  6. nexusmagic

    Mentalism on a magic forum?

    I have something on my mind, and would like to share it with all of you. Please if you want to participate you may do so it is your choice. All I ask is, let me ask the questions and you give me your free choice answered. If you are ready to participate please give a booyeah.
  7. nexusmagic

    Tiny Chat

    Hey if anyone is wanting to chat you may do so here The reason why is because I am monitoring the chat to keep out wandering people looking to disrupt a magic focused conversation. OOO OO, Lets have a live cerca trova. Start the conversation at 6:00 central
  8. nexusmagic

    Need a little inspiration

    So I was thinking the other night, I decided to try this out. you might recognize the effect but that doesn't matter, my question is what effects have you re made to fit you?
  9. nexusmagic

    Ohhh Noo, YouTube Magic Exposure

    Ohh Noo, Youtube Magic Exposure With all the talk of youtube exposure and harming magic I felt to do this. This is exposure, but will this video hurt magic?
  10. nexusmagic

    Any magic trick

    Hi I'll battle someone with an any magic trick battle, Here are the Criteria .Has to be fun .doesn't have to be performed live .Multiple tricks are okay but rather stick with one effect, (Quality over quantity) .You have 3 hrs to get the video made Ready set go.
  11. nexusmagic

    NBA Prediction

    I am going to try and predict the NBA outcome, I have a video made and will become public soon on a secret youtube channel. Anyway yeah so this is going to be my very first over the internet prediction. Do you think this actually is possible without guessing? Basically, do you think...
  12. nexusmagic

    Urban Legend Performance

    This is a pocket trick that I adapted into a story. I hope you enjoy.
  13. nexusmagic

    Mythology High Five thread

    Okay this is for the people who would like to express there opinions specific to the battle.
  14. nexusmagic

    Mythology Battle

    This is the mythology battle challenge made by a man named steerpike. The premise of the battle was to do a trick using the presentation based on a myth. I enjoyed Randomwraths performance and was amused in a great way. This is not a...
  15. nexusmagic

    DO You Understand?

    Hey if anyone would like to test their magical performance skills send a battle to me. But let me explain the battle, In school we as actors have to make an audition tape that shows us performing a monologue. We have no live audience, but we are still trying to impress an audience. So what I...
  16. nexusmagic

    For the next 30 minutes this video will be public...

    This is a preview of the contest coming up. Enjoy.
  17. nexusmagic

    James Randi

    Hey the account for the James Randi foundation has been suspended on youtube. Mirror the video and protest the stupidity of shutting down a great skeptics channel. This is a classic case of ignorant people trying to censor someones opinions, and methods...
  18. nexusmagic

    What happened?

    Did your balls drop off? Joker reference Anyway, I was wondering why magicians care if a gem of a magic trick can end clean? Is it because your lazy and do not want to do the extra work to create a miracle? Recently a very good effect has become available, and a lot of the questions...
  19. nexusmagic

    This made me laugh... watch the video but read the subtitles. I am still ROFL ing as I type. It is pretty hard to do.
  20. nexusmagic

    Ustream - Theory11

    i just had this idea in the shower, where all my great ideas hatch. Anyway my understanding is that ustream can have multiple cams and have a show. So what I thought would be kind of cool is to have a group of people research news about magic like new tricks to watch out for, review sections...
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