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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    Thank you all for taking part in tonight’s Saturday Night Contest! The word that I have been thinking of is ‘HAZARD’ which is the 85th word on page 9. And the winner, who got the closest to my word and page-number, is The Greene Man, with his word "LUCK" on Page 9 - just 33 words away from my...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    UPDATE :: The results have been posted. Check out the results of this contest here. Good evening and welcome to tonight’s Saturday Night Contest. The ‘Book Test’ is a common plot in magic and mentalism; the idea being that the performer accurately reads the mind of a spectators freely...
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    Saturday Night Contest - My Marked Card

    In 1999, I got a tattoo on my right shoulder of a single playing card. The card was the favorite, lucky card of my grandfather, and the tattoo was done in his honor. The challenge tonight is to identify which card that is. A photograph of my tattoo will be posted at 11:00pm EST on the dot, in...
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    D+M website quote ?!

    "...trickery is the practice of he without the wits to be honest..." This is a BenFrank misquote. D
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    Daniel Madison and Mathieu Bich on P&T's Fool Us
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    Swing change Music?

    I've just uploaded it for you...
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    Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

    First and foremost, thank you to everybody who took part, I am overwhelmed at the skill and creativity that I’ve seen tonight. You’ve all taken the Guardian flourish and made it your own and to do so in only 24 hours is a fantastic achievement that you should all be proud of. Choosing a winner...
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    Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

    I don't mind seeing more than one submission, as long as they're in the same video. 24 hours isn't long to complete such a task so I'm not necessarily looking for the smoothest, I'm interested in creativity, to see who can take something and make it their own.
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    Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

    I'd suggest that you decide which is your strongest variation and submit that, a few would be okay but I'd have to draw the line at 100+
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    Saturday Night Contest - 'Your' Guardian Flourish

    Welcome to a very special SNC, as hosted by your favourite card villain [me.] Want to win a deck of Brown Wynn Playing Cards AND a deck of White Centurion Playing cards? Of course you do. Here's what you have to do to get your hands on them... One of my personal favourite flourishes from my...
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    Dangerous (Both Disks) Review

    @Sk8r_St3v3 Thank you much for taking the time to study and review Dangerous. I hope it inspires your creative approach to your practices. Best D
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    t11.bulletin : Essential Magic Conference - What You Need to Know

    I just wanted to show my support for The EMC and encourage everybody in the Theory11 community to get involved. This is an amazing opportunity to witness, learn from and interact with some of the worlds greatest minds in the deceptive arts; gatherings of this caliber are rare and not to be...
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    Another year of baby names - Daniel Madison is still there...

    I'd like to think I had some influence on this. Thank you. Much love. Goodnight. D
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    Daniel Madison

    I am Spartan!
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    Cardistry Collaboration Contest 2009 - Starts Now

    I'm really looking forward to the entries this year, CCC2008 had some amazing teamwork and phenomenal videos, judging from that, this year should be sheer madness... I can't wait to see what you all come up with. D
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    May 2009 :: YouTube : Angel or Demon

    Some great responses here, there's a sour yet interesting obstacle in the way of trying to stop exposure, and to some extent even bringing the subject up, as doing either brings attention to it and even offers exposure an indirect advertisement, so those who may have been unaware or ignorant to...
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    May 2009 :: YouTube : Angel or Demon

    Youtube : Angel or Demon Just a few days ago I read a post from Jason Soll in the General Forum, which has had partial inspiration behind this month's topic and something that we all have an opinion of… YouTube YouTube offers anybody with a camera, a computer and an idea, a platform for...
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    Rants of Tudor

    To stand in Tudors corner and somewhat 'have his back' I believe that these thoughts and opinions reflect a part of where underground magic came from. Through Brians' work we've all been amazed, awestruck and entertained, be that at the speed, creativity or overall performance... regardless, we...
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    Paper Crane Productions - Election

    This just replaced irreversible in my repertoire. Although this has similarities to Irreversible, the principals are alike but methods are very different. IMO this is a beautiful effect with a cunning and clever method and can achieve everything that Irreversible does without the need of a...
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    Awaiting delivery of a vital part of the package, it'll be with you soon. d+M

    Awaiting delivery of a vital part of the package, it'll be with you soon. d+M
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