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    Gaff System

    As somebody who is not very fond of gaff decks or trick decks at all for that matter, I find this very interesting from three of three of the most innovative magicians in the industry today, I feel once I see more content we can all make our decision. With that being said, they have my attention...
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    Account Error

    When I try to access my account I keep getting an error: Using Google Chrome, I have tried clearing my cookies. Any help? Thanks
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    Saturday Night Contest - Rarebit Card Lottery

    card 1: 5 of spades card 2: Queen of diamonds
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    Can I do card tricks in talents show?

    Unless there is somewhere they can project it, I highly discourage it, I wasn't expecting as many as there were last year when I did a card effect.. It was projected to be somewhere from 150-200 and a total of 700 were there, People were packed in, make sure you go through a run through with the...
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    theory11 t-shirt review: Monarch and Rebel shirts

    I wish my house was made out of Pima Cotton...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cards in Hands

    Of course I had to do the monarchs!
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    Entrepreneur that formed Theory11? school question

    I am doing a project for my entrepreneur class and the project is to, get in contact with an entrepreneur and ask them a few questions, if anybody knows how to get in contact, with the mind (s) behind theory11 I have a total of 4 questions that need to be asked, thanks! If not anybody form...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Six Years of Cerca Trova

    pav? can you post the links to show us where they were?
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    Malkolm Triumph.

    I think you should learn to give out helpful advice instead of being a total jerk, Literally everything except for the part where you told him to perform in front of live people is completely useless.
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    Does Math Magic Ever Really Entertain?

    I'm with everybody else, it's just how it's presented I believe all good effects have a great story to go with it.
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    Magic Presentation and Self Confidence

    Confidence is something that comes from experience, for example talking to women, lot's of guys have troubles approaching women and making conversation with them, but just like anything else the more you do it the more natural it is. Same with magic, I have 2 real experiences where I messed up...
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    How to open a deck of cards?

    I use a paper clip, I just straighten out one side and it cuts right through, about as good as an x-acto knife.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Pasteboard Mentalism

    ************ ** * * * * * * ******* * * ** * * * * * ** *** * *** ** ****** ** ** ** ** *** I didn't want to say it but I did.. Hope I don't get banned for language
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    Wavy Brain by: Howard Hamburg performance

    Hey guys this is just a quick performance of Wavy Brain by Howard Hamburg, a super simple, super fun and very powerful effect. It can be found in Mr. Howards dvd entitled; Sessions
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    Saturday Night Contest - Pasteboard Mentalism

    Here is my entry
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    Magicians in Fort Worth!

    Hey guys I wanted to see if anybody around me wanted to jam sometime. There are tons of restaurants and coffee shops in my area and just wanted to see if a few people wanted to meet up one day!
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    Google Hangout - Aug 16th

    Guys get on Google Hangout and i'll send invites
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    Google Hangout - Aug 16th

    Sam what's your email for google hangout? I'm about to invite you guys since you asked first
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