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  1. JohnShack

    Bottled EP Now Available!

    Thank you So much!
  2. JohnShack

    Bottled EP Now Available!

    Hey Gang! I am John Shack, and The Bottled EP is my first release to the Marketplace! With The Bottled EP you will learn Three Super Visual ways to cause a coin or bottle cap to impossibly pass through the bottle perfect for the real...
  3. JohnShack

    Saturday Night Contest - Deception With a Dollar! Here's my submission hope you guys like it! John
  4. JohnShack

    Saturday Night Contest : What You Think

    I think it would be an awesome SNC if you guys had us recreate a Theory 11 effect with a completely different method.
  5. JohnShack

    Changing a piece of gum in a spectators pack.

    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply anywho, Changing the gum in the spectators pack is purely situational, I've done it a handful of times. The pack is fully examinable the stick of gum is not, but it's simply enough to switch the sticks. the fishyness of taking the piece out is mostly...
  6. JohnShack

    Changing a piece of gum in a spectators pack.

    So I came up with a color change of a single piece of gum, while it is still in the pack. I finally made a video for it and just wanted to share it with you guys and get some feedback.
  7. JohnShack

    My take on the Coin in Bottle

    Well Before I go overboard and reveal anything, I am intending on releasing this as a free download for the wire. But to answer some questions, The Effect is angle proof The Way I perform the routine I Start with a sealed bottle and drink from it casually so I haven't had any problems with...
  8. JohnShack

    My take on the Coin in Bottle

    Here is the Link, I just wanted to get some feedback on it, the video is a little grainy but it gets the job done! Please rate and comment if you like.
  9. JohnShack

    Calling all thinkers

    I've been on the magic session, I was on it all night, showing some of my stuff it was tons o fun lol.
  10. JohnShack

    Saturday Night Contest - Heads (or Tails)

    heads heads tails heads tails
  11. JohnShack

    Calling all thinkers

    Well I just checked it out and did a little bit of sessioning, so I guess the next step is when could everyone meet up?
  12. JohnShack

    Calling all thinkers

    I had actually never heard of it till now awesome!
  13. JohnShack

    Picking up girls with magic?

    Do magic for people surrounding the girl you're interested in first and if she likes you she will approach you to see some magic and the door is open. I'm typically not the first to approach a girl and this approach has served me well, since I don't have to initiate the interaction.
  14. JohnShack

    Calling all thinkers

    Howdy! I would like to extend an open invitation to anyone and everyone who has skype, I love to collaborate but unfortunately I don't have anyone to jam with on new effects that either I'm working on and want to know how my performance is, or on effects that I'm creating. So I would lke to...
  15. JohnShack

    How would you expand the art?

    I perform with Rappers and Bands. It sounds simple, but it's not, it's incredibly difficult to consistantly put on those types of shows. Especially locally when everyone has seen you perform at least once, That's what I do, It provides me an audience that may or may not have known I was going to...
  16. JohnShack

    Magically Atrocious

    Howdy Guys, Okie Dokie, I'm having an issue with Magic as a Whole, for one, I feel I have hit a creative wall. For two a large majority of Magic I watch now, such as demo videos for new effects or even magic on TV, I can't really get into anymore. Either I feel it's blatantly obvious of the...
  17. JohnShack

    Performing for Ke$ha UPDATE

    I don't have any connection with them anymore unfortunately, Next year I'm planning on doing more tours and what not and hopefully blogging about it, as for getting on these tours there's no real science to it. it's more of selling yourself and getting out there and pretty much be willing to do...
  18. JohnShack

    360 Slo-mo Coin vanish

    hey guys just wanted to apologize for not having the video up yet. but My phone got water logged and I'm house sitting, I'm hoping to have my girlfriend film it while we are here and uploading it. John
  19. JohnShack


    I find that eliminating clutter in your life helps, as well as surrounding yourself with inspiration. Aaron smith told me you cannot create in a vaccum, meaning you can't just sit in your room and bash your brain trying to rid the creative block, you have to experience life and draw inspiration...
  20. JohnShack

    REF4M by Blake Vogt?

    I agree the ending is kind of flimsy, but I love effects like this. It forces you to fill in gaps if you really want to perform it and have the result you want. John
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