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    Another problem with my friend...

    I don't see the problem. Your friend wants to sell his magic dvd's, so he can have money and buy other magic dvd's...whats the problem? What its not ethical enough? Thats like selling a 007 movie and then saying its wrong to do because you already watched it and got your entertainment from it...
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    My friend's pass

    Very good. I don't know how people do it that fast. Wish I could. And the rubber band was genius.
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    Complete List of Reviews

    Hey! thats my Distortion review. Sweet! By the way good idea. A mod should sticky this. If they can.
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    Obsession with LEVITATION!

    Someone just make Mitchell a mod already. He deserves it.
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    Criss Angel stops his pulse

    That would be Luke Jermays work. You can't find it any more though. At least I don't think you can. As far as I know they don't sell it any more. I would tell you the name of it but I feel like keeping it all to my self.
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    Ethics test

    I'm a rebel, I voted not to tell. Besides, I have no faith (well I should not say no faith, maybe very little faith) in the system any way.
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    Royal Road or Oz Pearlman's Born to Perform?

    I would have to say born to perform. Because when you are first starting out it helps a lot to see the trick being done to real people, you can see the slights and how they look. Not to say books are bad, they are great. But when you first start out, I would always get the dvd, it helps a lot...
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    Music and Magic

    I listen to fountains of Wayne: the only new band I like. Switchfoot, the Beatles, Mood Blues, thats about it.
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    Refine Theory11?

    Agreed, If I see any more posts about cards my head will explode. Also, if we get an off topic forum, a lot of this stuff will fade a way. Thats what the big problem is.
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    Religion & Magic

    This is my very last post, I don't want to get this topic locked. But please... I am sick of this. They are not Christians. We get salvation 2 entirely different ways. Its not the same thing. Don't you people get it? If they are different, they are not the same.
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    Religion & Magic

    A debate is where to people express each others views, or maybe thats a argument, not sure. Either way, his view is a wikpedia page, that hardly qualifies as a debate. Besides, everyone now understands the difference, at least I hope they do.
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    Religion & Magic

    What are you talking about? I did not say anything about losing your Christianity if you are a Christian and pray to Mary. I was pointing out to you some of the differences between Catholics and Christians. And if you don't understand that, get help please.
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    Religion & Magic

    Ill pm you later if you want to argue about this. But I don't care what it says, its not biblical. I don't care if they call them self Christian's, Paris Hilton said she found God in jail, and shes out doing the same old stuff. The things they do are not biblical, no where in the bible does it...
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    Religion & Magic

    No, no there not. Catholics believe that the only way to be saved is to be baptized into the catholic church, and they rely on works to get them to heaven. We Christians, we believe that God died for out sins and we are saved through grace, and all we need to do is ask him to come into our...
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    I'm not sure if your one of them, but a lot of people seem to mix up hypnosis with mentalism and suggestion. In fact, thats because they really are all mixed up in a way. Check out Building blocks by luke jermay. It tells you how suggestions work and how to make your own, its a very good read...
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    Control -- Who else thinks...

    Who else thinks that you will bust out laughing in the middle of doing control, the part where you are dead? hahah, I for one think I may do so. Got to work on my acting skills if I'm going to buy this. Anyone else have this problem? I tend to smile some when I fool someone real bad, but they...
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    Religion & Magic

    Hahah, I would do some more studying. Christians don't use holy water, thats catholics. Just clearing that up.
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    Wayne Houchin -- Please clear your inbox

    Danny said that he thought it was done a year ago, but for some reason its not. So I don't think asking danny would do much good. I think E is just holding on to it because they have nothing much to bring out. I bet you it will be out xmas this year. But I have no clue. But if it does not come...
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    What are some of your hobbies?

    Thats really good! but could you draw like a pretty flower or something? lol just kidding. I really don't have any hobbies. So ill share this. To day, I went to the ear doc because I have had air in my ears for over a week. It wont go a way. So, I go to see him, he has no idea. No clue...
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    Control :: Sneak Peek

    Please, just for once, can we not over hype the thing? This goes for everyone. Now you would not call a trick bad until you saw a performance of it, same thing goes for saying it will be good. But Wayne created this so we know it will be great but lets not over hype the thing, at least until...
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