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  1. hi guys i captured a video of mine while i was doing invisible palm. im using diffrent moves from wh. im waiting for your comments.i hope you enjoy

  2. very good, really smooth. Deffinetely enjoyed it. well done!
  3. Nicely and neatly done. I liked the moves you intergrated as they suit your style.

    The only thing I would suggest is to not speed up at all 'dirty' moments (which were the only moments you sped up at). Also, you may want to use a four of a kind as it adds quite a bit of value to the routine because it shows spectators that it really were those four cards magically travelling from one place to another. Showing the faces of random cards wouldn't add anything unless you have four spectators and those cards being their four selections.

    Just my two cents.
  4. thanks for comment using four kind will be better..
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    thanks friend
  6. That was pretty awesome. Just wondering, do you have any patter for live performances?
  7. thanks, i havent got any live performance video
  8. Somethings, the beginning steal was a bit sloppy and I think you know that. Also i am assuming that it was a steal after the four count because you tend to speed up during the dirty things as Mark had already pointed out. Also the first, "Palm" had a bit of a flash somewhere. Not going to say where exactly but I could clearly see there were five cards in play. Another thing is, it's an invisible palm routine not the vanishing card and do the jazz hands routine. It's supposed to be, at least in my opinion, that you are somehow palming a card and making it appear invisible and not that the card has vanished and you can show your hands cleanly. Overall, the entire routine was a bit fast and needs to be slowed down a bit. It was rushed and it just needs a bit more sanding to smooth out the surface of the routine.
  9. I make it a point to show my hands empty early. I always emphasize the "invisibility" of my invisible palm by showing my palm with my hand in the "palmed" position. Also, as mentioned above, you do go rather quickly at times, this is telling. Try to work at an even pace, either quickly, or slowly, or somewhere in between. I like the way Helder does his routine, if you want an example of something close to what I do.
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    HEY Guys.
    Palm Looking very good, really smooth. Deffinetely enjoyed it. well done!

    chicago boot camp
  11. It's really smooth, accept for the first steal :)
    If you use the faces, you can do the steal secretly when showing all of the aces (for example) without breaking rythm

    And for the placing the 3 cards as 2 on the surface, use you index finger to put pressure and slightly bend the cards, making sure the cards are aligned. This facilitates putting the card down and speeds it up, making it less suspicious :) Read it in Kevin Ho's ebook :)

    Those are just my 2 tips. But seriously, very very smooth. I like your handling very much and will practise some of your moves as well.
  12. Yeah, as everybody said, that was really smooth...

    Just do it a little bit slower and it will be sooo much perfect :)

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