миг чао чао (instant bye bye) impromptu coin vanish

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by harrybob222, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. ok i know im sort of taking over this forum at the moment :/ BUT i think i have just found a jewel... so i hung up my sling for the last time..... (my arm hurts like hell but for the sake of magic i shall suffice :D anyway here is a new coin vanish ! and change the vanish is totally impromptu :D and no sleeves needed at all :D

    best of all.... you end totally clean :D and everything is examinable before after and during the trick

    woop woop

  2. Thats a really cool vanish! I like the dancing too! lol
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    I'll admit, I replayed that dancing...
  4. haha that made me giggle :') im in the process of creating a close up shot changing it into other objects ofther than coins ! :D
  5. awesome vanish :D
  6. Is there anywhere I ccan purchase that! That looks freaking awesomeee!! Submit it to t11...
    a question... is it easy to perform?

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