“Ninja+ Sessions” NOW AVAILABLE

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  1. “I never liked the linking rings until I saw you perform it.” This is the phrase I kept hearing over and over during my week long performance run at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Ca. If you are ready to take your linking ring magic to the next level, you may want to check out “Ninja+ Sessions.” Includes 9 full length effects and over 30 minutes of bonus content!

    I just won first place at the magic castle strolling magic competition last night with this ;)

    Download Ninja+ Sessions HERE:

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  2. I'm going to get this...
    Enter "Farmer's Got Talent" and link cows nose rings together..

    Either way, this is at the TOP of my "To Buy" list.
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  3. Lol not a bad idea! ;)
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  4. For those who wanted to learn some of the individual effects here but don't want to download the entire project, I have included “Ninja Rings Abridged”, “Barblade”, and “Tribute to Daryl” as individual downloads here in the marketplace enjoy!
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