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Brett Hurley

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Sep 27, 2014
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Been a while!

So it’s only taken this long for me to start taking card Magic seriously—still all about props, but I’m starting to float card and packet tricks lot more. Like a lot more. I like being mobile and having as much space as possible is the key!

And Tenyo is releasing a “Wild Card” effect this year (“Wild Shock”). And it’s my first time seeing this sort of effect.

I’m out and about, and I’ll take a look at Mark Wilson’s Complete Course when I get home and see if there’s a Wild Card effect in there.

But would anyone have any recommendations for good “Wild Card” effects?
And in typical me fashion, if there are any unusual presentations or handlings—bonus points.
Sep 14, 2018
Allentown, PA
I like Eric decamps "jokers are wild" routine. It's set up in a blackjack type presentation where 6 jokers laid out like 3 black jack hands (3 face up, 3 face down) one at a time turn into a "selected card". There's a million wild card routines though. This one makes sense to me so it's the one I do. It's on Eric Decamps stars of magic tape (which is 5 stars and worth getting)
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Nov 1, 2009
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The version I use comes from Simon Lovell's Packet Killer (which I believe is close to Garcia's original). Jim Tyler's Mirrors has a neat premise using "mirrored" cards. The seminal work on the effect is Frank Garcia's Wild Card Miracles book. @Gabriel Z.'s list from Genii is a good starting point. If you want to go more in depth: https://www.conjuringarchive.com/list/category/1294

**You may have inspired me to put together a performing history of the effect, doing the various versions that led up to Garcia's effect and some that followed. :cool:
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