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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DavidMisner, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm here because I'm speechless. Recently, Daren uploaded his effect 0630 to Youtube. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DarenYeow

    This effect will be available for a limited time on Huron's website, and the first 500 people to purchase the T&R Project. I have to say, this is one of the first effects in a long time that has really got me scratching my head. Amazing job Daren.

    The only problem I see with the effect is that the face is not mismatched. Just a thought....

  2. It's an amazing effect. Too bad I already ordered something.:(
  3. Hey man,

    The reason the face is not mismatched, is because the magician fixes it before he hands it out to the spectator as a souvenir, I guess that was kinda hard to convey with a music video that had no talking. haha. Hope this clears things up. :)

  4. crap, Now more people know, I was hoping I might order all so I get Hurons great T&R effects aswell as Darens.


    Well done Daren, well done
  5. This is amazing. Has anyone done a mismatched restoration before?
  6. It can be handed out after?!
    That's incredible!!
  7. OOO Im ordering this this Saturday, I can wait, the holidays are going to go so slow now till it arrives in the post. :(

    Cheers, Tom
  8. Hey guys glad everyone loves Daren's 0630!
    Yes the first piece by piece mismatch created is my effect Making Ends Meet, which is inside "Four"
    My version involved mismatching and correction as the routine goes along so only the last piece ends mismatched.

    Daren's would be the second mismatch piece by piece around... where every piece is matched... and stays that way.

    Insane **********

    Oh well.

    Huron Low
  9. How Huron do you have an idea of how many booklets you have left?

  10. Im feeling soooooo lucky that I won one for free!!
  11. Hey Misner,
    When I ordered, I believe I was number 102 and that was like a week and a half ago. So around less then 400. ORDER IT NOW, before it gets excellent reviews and everyone goes and buys it.

    BTW when I get it i'll put up a review post haste.
  12. Alright thanks man! I'm pretty sure I'm getting this for Christmas, but I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I get the booklet as well!

  13. I love the illusion, and when i saw it, i was very impressed. I'm even more impressed now that you can give it out.

    one question though. How similar is this to T11's TnR? I'm probably going to pick up the T&R Project DVD soon anyways, but I was just curious if 0630 beared resemblance to TnR....
  14. I don't own 0630, but I can tell you now that it will be nothing like TnR.

    It's probably some ingeniously simple method that a two year old could come up with, but is amazingly visual.

  15. 0630 is completely different to TnR... they are nothing alike in workings.
  16. awesome! thanks.
  17. I'm confused... sooooooo is their T&R Project include all of the effects or just another one?
  18. The T and R project contains Fire in the hole and Four. The first 500 orders will recieve 0630 for free. After that no one will EVER know the secret.
  19. so there are 3 products but T&R project has 2 of the 3 and if you're one of the first 500, you get all 3.. ok gotcha.. thanks!
  20. Firstly, thank you for the compliment. Much appreciated. =)

    And to answer your question, let's just say I don't need 4 dupes and half an hour to set-up. :p


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