08.09.08 SNC Final Cut Winner HERE


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Sep 2, 2007
Las Vegas
It's been a great second round of the Final Cut Contest! First off, I'd like to give a warm thanks to all those who participated, I hope you had just as much fun as I did. We had a lot of great entries that showed great talent! Many strategies included a variety of combinations of moves in different sequences; some original, and some not so original.

There are a few honorable entries I'd like to mention and they are: Fatal Ace, Bao Hoang, and Ryan Ochs. Your videos stood out and caught the eyes of our team. However, one video rose to the top and that is tonight's winner...Eugene Soh! Watch his video here:


It was unanimously decided upon by the Theory11 staff that your smooth and well thought out production was a cut above the rest. Regardless of the fact that you included two moves in your video, both were sufficient enough to earn you a deck of White Centurions and an 8x11 photograph of yours truly enjoying a hot summer's day on a beautiful beach in California. Congratulations! You will receive a PM from our staff on instructions on how redeem your prize.

-Andrei Jikh
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Sep 2, 2007
did you say that the runners up would be announced? or was his cut too awesome for there to be any runner ups?


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Jul 23, 2007
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Amazing work - lots of great submissions in for this SNC but Eugene - you rocked the house. Enjoy the white Centurions. Congrats...
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