1-on-1 a bit too obvious?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sLAShEr356, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Note: Its the SKILL, not the SECRET.

    Hey guys do you know how the trick works even before buying them? I don't meant to spoil it but i find the performance a little bad. Take "Trifecta" for example. What do you guy think??
  2. I think I don't know what you mean....
  3. i mean you know the secret by watching the video.
  4. You know HOW to do it but CAN you do it? ;) Thats why he teaches those effects in that video...
  5. Trust me, you will be surprised how often you think that you know the method, and than when you see it, it is completely something else.
    And even when you are correct about the method, there are so much more little things and nuances that makes the move magical, that you don't see without explanation.

    For me, I don't buy the secret, I buy the teaching...
  6. ofcourse you have to show the trick?
    otherwise no one knows what they buy .
    anyway everyone can look the trick over and over again and than understand how it works. but buying this is also a little point of respect to the maker i think.

  7. Very well said.

    Personally, I don't buy a One on One just for the trick, I buy them sometimes just to hear these guys talk. And that's been very true about Fisher, Kenner & England.
  8. Wow! Okay thanks guys. I'll End it here

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