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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by DavidMisner, May 31, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, just got home about an hour ago from a friend's party, and saw that Wayne had a new 1-on-1 out. Now, I'm very familiar with the Bluff Pass already, but I decided to pick it up anyways, thinking I could possibly learn some new tips from Wayne.

    The video, of course, is shot in HD, so everything is crystal clear. Couldn't ask for anything better. The editing is fabulous, and all of the angles and shots give you the best possible view.

    Wayne does an excellent job teaching the move. It's fairly simple in execution, but he goes over some good subtleties that make it near invisible. He gives some references to other sources, including Tarbell and Paper Engine.

    As a side note, Wayne uses Jerrys in the video. Yeah.

    Overall, this is an excellent purchase for somebody who is unfamiliar with the Bluff Pass. I would recommend picking this up to familiarize yourself.

  2. It's also taught on Indecent by Wayne. I'm not sure why a 1-on-1 is called for.
  3. You actually spent $5 on this...?
  4. Just because you don't think it's worth it, doesn't mean I have the same mindset as you. Sure, I know how to do a Bluff Pass already, but I got a few subtleties from Wayne that I hadn't seen before.

    Really, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all.

  5. If you like the bluff pass, I suggest you check out the Paper Engine (if you haven't) of Aaron Fisher in which he taught a subtlety of the sleight.
  6. I do have Paper Engine, and it has some excellent subtleties.

  7. I'm going to go check that out now.
  8. Fisher's work with the Bluff Replacement Subtlety is phenomenal. And incase you were not aware, Aaron has recently released The Paper Engine in paperback format. Highly recommended.
  9. I thoroughly agree, Aaron's handling is as Wayne said "phenomenal", it is unbelievably deceptive and flows so well. If you ever get a chance to pick up The Paper Engine do yourself a favour and get it. ;)

    - Sean
  10. David,

    Great review, as usual. I do have one question though: How difficult would you say this effect is?

  11. Well, it's more of a utility move. The basic method is fairly simple, but you need to work on your angles and the subtleties that will make this convincing. Wayne teaches everything you need, and I'm positive that you will be able to do this confidently within a day or two.

  12. the sleight is easy and overpriced :)
  13. yes filthy boy, call wayne
  14. Ahhhh, good old Theory11 credit...

  15. Awesome, that is good to know.

    Again, good job.
  16. I don't see why its overpriced, its just 5$, and you get Wayne to demostrate it.

    Wayne did the sleight way better than many magicians I've seen. Unfortunatly, many magicians ignore the details that makes this sleights from a wonderful piece of card handling, to a butchered sleight that won't feel even a short sight layman.

  17. penguin and stuff

    I recall reading a post here why one should not learn magic from penguin magic and ellusionist and so on.. Words "cheap", "stolen" where used..
    Well to me it feels "cheap" to make money on somebody elses, old, and wellknown move.,,.
    It´s strange to me that this is Waynes contribution to 1 on 1...
  18. I think if the move had been recently created, you could argue. But, this move is old enough and well know enough to be considered "common knowledge," much like the Double Lift. If you really wanted to argue, you'd also have to include Aaron Fisher's Card Fundamentals 1-on-1, where he teaches the DL.

  19. I can see what you're saying, I was expecting something a little more involved for the first one from Houchy-Wouchy.

    We still have to remember that the 1-on-1 section is also for beginners, we can't expect knuckle-busting sleights each and every week.

    A final note, please do not underestimate the bluff pass. If you can get your hands on The Paper Engine for Aaron Fisher's handling, take the chance and get them. I and a number of others no doubt have seen Aaron fool a room full of magicians with his handling.

    - Sean
  20. If you already know this bluff pass, it's not worth picking up. But if you think you wanna learn it, then learn it by Wayne, he's a great teacher.

    Anway, I've known this bluff pass since the Indecent DVD and I don't use it too much. But when I saw it again here at Theory11 I realized that this bluff pass is so good. I will start using it more than ever! ;)

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