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  1. Hi, i recently purchased the bottom deal 1-on-1 with jason England, and finally got time to watch it tonight. I extracted and unzipped the file on my computer and downloaded the needed Quicktime version to play it. However, when i loaded up the video and played it, it had very poor quality and i could barely make out what was going on in the video. Not as the camera was bad, but as though something was wrong with the video loading or progressing or something of that manner. I have windows Vista and a Dell computer, and i was wondering what i could do about this, because its not as though one 1-on-1 download is better than another correct? i couldnt just redownload it to get another one, is there something wrong with my computer. The picture is distorted as it continues.
  2. VLC Media Player is another player you can try. Other than that, I would try downloading the file again, sometimes a file can become corrupt while downloading. Although rare, it can happen.
  3. Well i havent had much time to get to it, so my opportunity on the site has already expired. so idk what i shoudl do. Where can i download VLC media player?
  4. Definitely submit a support ticket about your issue here - the support crew will stick with you until it is completely resolved.

    In the meantime, as mentioned above, feel free to check out the VLC media player from http://www.videolan.org/vlc/. Playing the file in there may do the trick, as the quality of the Bottom Deal - as with all 1-on-1's - is in amazing High Definition.

  5. Your suggestion for the VLC player seems to have fixed the problem, and i humbly and gladly thank you for the assistance. I will now learn the Bottom Deal! or at least try to...:D
  6. Glad that imdan247 and I could help. The VLC media player really does rock! :)

    The Bottom Deal is a great, versatile move; I'm still practicing on mine. Hope you enjoy it and good luck!


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