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Feb 9, 2008
Hey folks, i'm new to the forums ( signed in today) but I've been into magic for a couple of months, (but i was learning from the wrong source youtube), so i here I'm with a quick question about the 1-on-1 videos: what should i get first?
wich of them do you guys consider to be good for intermediary skill level ( at least it's what i think) guy like me?

Sep 1, 2007
Belgrade, Serbia
If you only learned from youtube, i really doubt that you are intermediate level.
So first, pick up Card Fundemantals vol. 1 and 2 (came out last night) by Aaron fisher. From there i would go either to Simple Triumph (Chris Kenner), or Invisible Reverse (Chris Kenner), those two are gread effects and fairly easy to do.

And a little advice, dont go to youtube to learn tricks and effect's anymore, or the guys from this forum (and every other magic forum) will kill you. ;)
Feb 9, 2008
thanks for the info
I stoped using youtube a month ago, when i realised magic exposure was wrong.
But i found a good website with good tutorials ( expertvillage). And i learned the basics from there. All the teachers there are professional magicians.
Sep 9, 2007
Although i'm not a penguin fan, i still think that "Born to Perform Card Magic" by Oz Pearlman is a fantastic dvd for beginner-intermediate cardists

also pick up some of these books that are fairly cheap

Expert Card Technique

Royal Road to Card Magic

Expert at the Card Table

p.s., youtube is not the way to go buddy, not only will we hate u, but u could learn something the wrong way, and then when u see it done the right way, u'll feel bad

just stick with the real stuff and have fun
Sep 1, 2007
San Francisco, CA
Everything in the 1on1 section is good for a beginner-intermediate magician like yourself. I would definitely say pick up Simple Triumph and Invisible Reverse.

Even if you feel confident about your abilities with a deck of cards, Aaron Fisher's Card Fundamentals 1 & 2 have some excellent tips that anybody can use. Chris Kenner also has a good utility move called "The 4for4 Switch," which is amazing in my opinion. Lee Asher has his excellent "version" of the Pass called TresPass, but in my opinion it seems more like a gag to me than an actual sleight.

Feel free to browse the Review Forums , where you can find reviews on all of the 1on1s and Products.

Feb 9, 2008
thanks a lot for the info!
I'm realy glad you guys helped me with this.

Ps:I'll go for the 1-on-1 videos because would be hard to find a book about magic in Brazil
(english is obviusly not my native language) and I would have a hard time reading it in english.
edit:and i promise i will stay away from youtube tutorials.

thanks alot.
Sep 3, 2007
I'm going to go out on a limb here and tell you not to start with Instant Downloads. Start with the classics:

-Card College

-Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic

-Royal Road to Card Magic

-Pyrotechnic Pasteboards/ Card Stunts by Gregory Wilson (not classics, but awesome nonetheless!)

With books, or even some beginner DVDs like Born to Perform Card Magic, you get to learn the fundamental sleights upon which all card magic is built... or at least most of it. From there you start building on the beginner tricks until you become advanced.

Now after you've covered the basics and have a strong foundation, start moving on to 1on1's to add to your repertoire, as well as some things like Witness, Panic, Distortion, etc.

By the way, I have reviews for The Royal Road to Card Magic (I'm not sure if I've transferred it over here yet, but I know it's on Penguin), Born to Perform Card Magic (here), Card Stunts (here), Pyrotechnic Pasteboards (here), and Witness (here). Good luck!
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