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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maxrob22, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. 1on1 has been updated.:D
  2. You guys are quick-- just released four new ones from Aaron Fisher and Dan and Dave. Check it out.
  3. hey guys i cant get any of the demo vids working for the 1on1 section. i can hear the sound but cant see the vid. it might just be my computer but is anybody having the same problem. because everything else on theory 11 works for me.
  4. I have that problem as well. So do two of my friends. I actually don't know anyone who doesn't have that problem.

  5. Wow, are there anymore coming in the following minutes? I expected alot more.
    I am sorry to say.
  6. It's fine for me. Thanks guys can't wait.
    Happy Holidays,
  7. Ditto to the majority here as well, it seems the player is off-centred and at the upper left corner. Hmm? Anyway, great to see the 1-on-1s are now up, and awesome to see Aaron's material up there now too. :)

  8. I just played the 1-on-1 preview videos, and they work perfectly for me. You may want to try playing them with different Internet browsers; for me, they both fine with Firefox and Internet Explorer. You may also want to check out Safari.

    Further, make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

    You can also try to let the preview video play until its completion, with the said issues. Thereafter, play it again, and the video may work.

    Hopefully this helps...

  9. Ah, I've been waiting for these. Thank you Theory11, I may pick up the Hermann Shift, looks awesome.

    Also thanks for the super fast shipment of my Wynns, they came in 8 days when I ordered cheapest shipping.

    Man, its been a good week...besides being sick.

    -Happy Holidays,
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    I know that feeling -- I've had the flu with laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and 1-on-1-itis for more than a week. Aside from the latter, it's not cool... but I digress.
    I believe there were about eighteen 1-on-1 videos waiting to be edited before the four that were released today. Moreover, Dana stated, in a different thread, that "we'll keep sending 1 on 1s out as we get the time to edit them." They're currently occupied with principal photography for Control and the like.

  11. One wird- WOW! Not too impressed with the bucks video( I already know them, but I'm sure they will benifit to others) but the herman shift is my bread and butter. Definently my most used-move. I already own the paper Engine, but i may pick this up to get a just in case he oes over anything new.

    And 24 minutes of footage for only five bucks? T11, you are my hero!
  12. Awesome.

    It sucks that you can find some the werm tuts on youtube, but explanations from dan&dave are definetly worth every penny.
  13. Yeah, now i can't view the preview vids either.

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