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  1. ei guyz...i'm from the philippines..i was just wondering...i want to purchase on the 1 on 1 section and i i was wondering how that would work for me...
    i'm only seventeen and uhmm...i dont have a credit card...but i do have the money to purchase those one on one vids...anyone help?
  2. If you dont live in the US, you definately need a credit card.
    Maybe you can pay with paypal.
  3. ok....how do i use paypal? i know how to use western union if have it there?
  4. i thought you couldnt pay with paypal yet?
    that was a wanted feature
  5. ok....so any help? i want to purchase the video...buy i have no idea how....
    pls help...
  6. It doesn't need to be a credit card, as long as it is a Visa or MasterCard. You can ask your parents to make a Visa or MasterCard which is a debit card, not a credit card - then you put money into the card and can only spend as much money as you put in. There are certainly banks that offer this type of card. It will take a couple of weeks to before you receive the card however. Then all you have to do is spend wisely :) You can purchase anything you want on the internet with this card.
  7. i do have an ATM...wuld that work?
  8. how does that make sense?
  9. ok sori for making no sense...it's just i dont even have a master card or somewat...i really want 2 purchase those vids...T__T
  10. atm = automated teller machine
    did you mean something else?
  11. Submit a support ticket, and ask them for help.. :)

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