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  1. hey guys i really like the 1 on 1 section of theory 11. however, nothing new has come out within the past like 3 weeks. ive waited because other threads say that the production team has been working on 6 or 7 new videos...but that was two weeks ago. i thought this was supposed to be the most frequently updated site?
  2. Videos with such high quality don't come in a week.

    It can take a few weeks to get one of the videos up.

    From shooting the video, to editing, to creating the music, etc.

    Be patient.

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    They just finished filming six new additions for the 1-on-1 section. Just be patient, as there has to be editing, sound checks, Dana needs some sleep, et al. I'm sure a few will be up soon; though, it would be nice if it were a weekly event.

  4. alot of you are very impatient. i mean what do you expect? sure, if you don't know alot about making videos it may seem like something you can do in very little time, but let me tell you there's a huge difference between filming something and putting it on youtube and making a real video that you expect people to pay 5$ for, furthermore if you create a product in a professional way, you always have to keep in mind that it's representing you in some way so you can't just throw any crap out there, and last but not least the t11 staff repeatedly mentioned that it's not about quantity, it's about quality.
    so just be patient, i'm sure there will be new 1on1 videos, and there will be more tricks, and since they are taking their time and put alot of effort in their products you won't be disappointed when something new finally arrives.
  5. We all know Dana is not real person so Dana couldn't possibly need sleep. Me thinks "Dana" is just a marketing tool used by Theory 11 to make us purchase products from there website or possibly "Dana" is actually the 11th Theory in magic. Think about it sounds crazy enough that it couldn't possibly be true.
  6. Yeah sorry to spoil your fun but if you watched the main T11 video Dana talks in it, and you can actually see him. Sorry man, nice try =P
  7. It all makes sense now!

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