11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

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  1. In three weeks from today, check your calendar. The date will read 11/11/11. Then, check your clocks. When the time reaches those same numbers, we'll announce what will be our signature event for the holiday season.

    The unveiling of a new playing card design - the only design we will unveil in 2011 that contains completely original, breathtaking art that we've been hard at work on since February. It is now complete, and it is now ready. The deck was shown tonight to David Copperfield, Chris Kenner, Homer Liwag, Dan White, Andrei Jikh, and a select few other artists. We're excited to finally share it with you. Nothing compares to it. Nothing even comes close.

    That's not all we have prepared for 11/11/11. But for now, I'll leave the rest a mystery. Cerca Trova.
  2. Yay! I love fully custom playing card designs. Sentinels were at the top for me, and now hopefully these will surpass!
  3. Sounds intriguing!! Can't wait.
  4. Can't wait!
  5. Cerca Trova? Ohhhh man. He we go again!
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    Just remember "11:11" is the name of a huge New Age cult group ;-)

    FYI Links

    Bear in mind, these people claim that "angels" pick them up and toss them through the air so they can learn to fly. . . many even claim that they are sprouting angel wings. . . and obviously, none of them have ever studied the theological and cosmological reality as to what angels are/aren't and that being tossed around is more akin to what demons would do. Another thing I'll point out is that many of the rituals used by this group come directly from Necromantic based occult rites -- ubber dark stuff.
  7. who found the hidden link in JB's post?
  8. It's like an EARLY CHRISTMAS present...ha ha. Gotta love new cards.
  9. Yeah, it doesn't seem to offer much insight into anything though :(
  10. Will these be a returning signature product (like the sentinels) or are they a one-off production?
  11. Looks like a monkey.
  12. Isn't that what you said about every deck you've ever put out? I guess you should cease production of all your other decks because obviously these will be so magical that we will never need anything else. But probably not. There will be another, better, more hyped up deck coming after this, and you will make more after that, because people buy them for some reason. :/
  13. Austin,

    With each deck we put out, we strive to push the envelope further than ever before. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect to advance the art form in the process. We have to keep pushing ourselves and make sure the newest release takes that one step forward we strive to achieve. In my honest opinion, the new deck takes more than one step forward; the highest quality we've ever produced by far. We can't wait to share this with you and everyone else in November. You guys are going to love it.

  14. i cant wait i love all of theory11 decks and i hope this is as good as the others
  15. This one isn't just a step forward - it's a mile down the road. We've really taken our time with it to ensure this design takes the cake as the reigning king of cards. Once you see it, and once you feel it, I'm very confident you'll agree. It's breathtaking: so detailed, precise, and absolutely unique.
  16. I know things tend to get hyped here when they come out with something new, but I fully believe that they deserve the hyping, in my opinion. That said, I feel strongly that this new deck will be, in the words of Bill and Ted, most excellent!
  17. I think this new deck is gonna be awesome. Like all theory11 decks, it'll look great, feel great, and just be a quality product. But I was kind of hoping for something a little bigger for 11/11/11 than just a deck of cards. But it's whatever.
  18. I finally got to see these last night, and I can honestly say (no exaggeration) that these are the sexiest cards I have ever seen. These really push the envelope on how cards are designed and manufactured.

  19. Ha ha, that nostalgia is most excellent.
  20. Sweet! I can't wait!

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