13 Steps To Mentalism: Great Minds Think Alike

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  1. Ok. I was just flipping through the pages when my i cought the effect called "Great Minds Think Alike" By Punx. I dont want to expose too much but in the effect you need a special paper which leaves a shiny line when you drag your nail on the surface. So i just ran my nail on the corner of the page paper. And what do you think? It shines! I will have to find exactly the same paper to perform the effect. Its funny that the answer that i have been looking for is the book itself.
  2. That's pretty funny. I find that almost anything works. I use standard note cards for it. That is one of my favorite effects on the whole book.
  3. Anything works? I'll try with all kinds of paper.
  4. That pretty awesome! When I first read the method of the trick I was mad because I had to find some type of special paper. I guess I can try any type of paper to see if it shines or not.
  5. Use Osterlinds perfected center tear paper. A lot of the stuff in the book is going to be damn near impossible to find. Due to it being written in the 70's and also in the UK.
  6. Osterlind did use the perfected center tear paper on the DVD, but there is a lot of paper that will work.

    There are very few things in the book that cannot be duplicated today and that was one of the things Osterlind did on the 13 Steps DVDs. The principles in 13 Steps are as sound today as they were 50 years ago.

    13 Steps was not written in the 70's. It was written in the 50's, initially as individual lessons. From 1958 - 1960, each of the 13 steps were sold this was. It was in 1960 that they were compiled into a book.

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