2007 Christmas List

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MindTrapMagic, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Whats on your guys list for christmas [magic related]. I still have to decide on getting either some type of new stage effect that everybody in the family pitches money in for, or getting a bunch of street things...not sure. How about you guys?
  2. Your levitation.

    Where on earth can I find it?
  3. The magic related items I put on my 'list' are:
    some Guardians
    By Forces Unseen
    The Paper Engine
  4. Hmmm, how do you know about my levitation
  5. Im on your myspace ;) lol.

    Its always amazed me.

    PM me if you have to :p.

    Would love to know it. And how you do it, let me know the cost
  6. Alright, its not for sale though, sorry man. Although i am posting a video of it sometime soon:D
  7. Let me know if you change your mind ;)

    Im happy to keep it to myself, and will pay big money.
  8. its my secret :D. Anyway lets get back on topic haha
  9. here goes my list! ;p

    the Card college series
    a close-up mat
    some old studs ( never tried studs before, so i wanne now if they rly are as good as ppl say : )

  10. last time i had a christmas wishlist i was probably like 6 or 7 years old.
  11. Never to old to enjoy the joy of Christmas.

    Happy HOlidays,
  12. Painful, how do you cope?

    I've got lots of little things really.
    Silk cloths
    Sponge balls
    Shadow masters
    -alot- of flash paper
    fifty ways to rock a lighter
  13. 3 guardians
    digital dissolve(if only it were for sale)
    5x5 japan
    into the abyss
    hit the road
  14. i get days off so i can slack. thats plenty of joy for me.

    fact is i dont like gifts as strange as that may sound.
  15. Well my list includes some things such as,

    12 decks of Guardians
    6 decks of Ghosts
    Close up mat
    Royal Road to card Magic
    Expert at the Card Table- The Bible Edition
    The Secret Life and Houdini

    Happy Holidays,
  16. Geeze, am i the only one who wants other stuff rather than card magic o_O
  17. so far it appears so for me that's all i do.
    Happy Holidays,
  18. Why not try to be a bit more diverse and check out some mentalism?
  19. I have been thinking about it, I do a little coin magic. I will look into it a little more though.

    HAppy Holidays,
  20. All I am getting is the T&R PRoject, because it's pretty darn expensive, $91 invluding shipping which is $12, at least I'll get the o630 bonus

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