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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by raven1, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Is Kard Klub worth the price to learn this or is there another one that you guys would recommend?
  2. Kard Klub does teach the 2CM, but it's real focus is on performance and how to engage the audience.
  3. Kard Klub is pretty cool... it also comes with a booklet that teaches you a few patter ideas and and a few little things u can do different with 2CM. it also has a few little bonus tricks in there too.... there is also a 5 min routine performed by a guy that i found pretty amazing!
  4. Get Born to Perform by Oz pearlman from Penguin magic

    You get to learn a schweet 2 card monte, biddle trick, ambitious card routine and more in 1 DVD.
  5. Kard Klub was one of the very few E dvds I liked and thought was even close to being worth the money. I, like many, had the misfortune of having E as my first magic source. My bad. Although I don't agree with some of what is taught, it's a step in the right direction.
  6. I'd agree that Kard Klub is probably one of the better E DVD's out there. it's decently priced for what it offers and is something good for most beginners.

    I remember the "How to do Street magic" DVD and man was that a huge waste of money. 50 bucks for a DVD that teaches like 4 effects and nothing at all relating to Street Magic at all. Also the video sucked ass.
  7. You must have gotten it early on? I paid like $30, got HTDSM (Which I realized had little to no 'street' magic in it, but I was learning magic in general), a deck of Shadow Masters and the King Rising levitation.
  8. Any who, I think Michael Vincent teaches his handling of the effect in his latest DVD set, plus it's Michael Vincent so you know it's gotta be better and plus he also teaches a bunch of other effects as well.
  9. okay, so the general consensus is that it is worth it. I might pick up the other resources also that were recommended.
  10. Jonathan Bayme also makes an appearance in it as well. He gives quite the performance. Great reactions. And his performance is broken down. I say it's worth the money.
  11. Like others, I believe this was one of the better videos produced by Ellusionist. I liked how the featured magicians were all young, everyday performers who actually went out and performed for people in spontaenous settings. You honestly don't see that very often, and it made the video feel very interactive and educational at the same time. In fact, to this day, I would honestly recommend that novices look into this project, because it does have a wealth of information regarding performance theory.

    ...And my performance is fun to watch... ;-)

  12. If anyone has it and is done with it and wants to sell it - please pm me.
  13. You know, that reminds me of something I wanted to post about.
  14. "done with it" ?

    As a magician, you shouldn't be "done" with anything.
  15. I disagree with that statement. There is a point at which some people decide that after buying a resource it is not for them or that they just don't like it and won't use it. If that is the case then you are "done with it" and might serve someone else better and help you fund your next tool, learning material or deck. So yes you can be done with a DVD that you purchased.

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