2NA: A 3-Phase Sandwich Routine

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  1. So here was a sandwich routine called 2NA (pronounced "tuna") I was playing around with that utilizes a sleight I BELIEVE is original to me in the first two sandwiches. The third is a classic that I put in as a visual ending because I liked how the card was no longer restricted to the deck; I may change this at some point.

    Anyhow, here is the link to the rough webcam trailer I did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzZKv_JGU5I

    Don't worry; the real one will be in HD (if this actually gets accepted to the Wire).

    What do you think? Constructive criticism ONLY please.

  2. Well, your concept doesn't seem to be very original. Not bashing your routine by any means, but it feels like I keep seeing the same sandwich routine over and over again. Other people will feel similarly; you want your trick to stand out from the rest. Maybe consider a kicker ending? I was playing around with the idea of using two jokers throughout a sandwich routine and then switching them for queens before the final production of the selected card and then revealing them by turning the hand over after the production.. Just a thought.
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    That's okay; it was sort of a dud anyway. However, I DO have an original routine where the spectator selects a color of Queen (i.e. red or black), and then both Queens vanish and reappear in the middle along with some other visual goodies. Afterwards, the oppositely-colored Queens appear inside the card box, even though the spectator had a free choice.
  4. Meh, apart from the last phase, it doesn't seem that magical to me. The start of it is a lot like Danny Garcia's Invisible monte. Your other routine sounds a little more original to me.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately not much of that routine is original, the sleight in the first two or the last phase. In my opinion, your first and second phase are basically the same, so I would just cut out the first phase completely. Pav, the sandwich cards changing is a good kicker, but why into queens? What would be the reason? Check out Rich Aviles's trick Subwich in his booklet Above the Fold. It has a very good motivation for the sandwich cards changing into other cards.

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