3-4 Coin production

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Sir FansAlot, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. I've just playing around with it. Is anyone game? Produce a few coins, that is basically it.
  2. Let's go. Send me the invite.
  3. Do you have any terms? I'm not that good at producing coins. The one I've been working on is simple. I wouldn't use it in a live situation yet. So, I'm thinking just a webcam video (I don't own a portable cam anyhow). In the hands, on the table... No matter. Let me know. Before I send a challenge I'd like to agree to the terms.

  4. No preferance. Anythings cool with me. :cool:
  5. I'll send you the challenge...
  6. Still Waiting...
  7. Hey King of Spades, why not have the two "kings" go head to head for coins? Lemme know : )
  8. Sure, let's go. You want to send the invite or me?
  9. just send me an invite : ) You can make the rules or whatever
  10. I don't know what rules to make... :eek:
  11. Whatever, just make it a favorite three or four coin production sequence. Keep editing to a minimum I guess because it's about the sleight, not the movie. Thats what most people tend to do, I guess. Music if you want, really whatever haha, I don't care.

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