3 Color Changes Coming Soon

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  1. Hey Everyone.. I have been getting some really good mileage on my new changes.. I have 3 coming to the WIRE soon..

    I am selling 2 for 11.00 and you get a freebie...

    1.) The TING change.. this is a magician fooler... think you have seen all the variations on the classic color change? Think again.. this move has fooled some top names in magic... I named this after my girlfriend Ting.. she is beautiful and so is the color change..

    2.) The Black Mamba ... this is not a magician fooler, but has fooled a bunch as well.. it happens not necessarily fast, but when you see it happen you feel even though you were watching carefully you were one second too late.. it catches you way off guard...

    Both of these are easy to perform but do require some practice...

    Bonus: Since I was catching some flak for this last change previously.. I am not selling.. but rather.. give my version of Jeff McBride's Window Change.. It's my own take and I think you will like it.. plus it is free :) Trust me though.. the first change alone is worth the price of the download.. these are slightly angle sensitive.. but I have done this time and time again for the real world and they WORK.. period..

    I love them and am sure you will too.. Video coming really soon..
  2. Has the team reviewed your effects yet?
  3. Lol I would love to see your Ting change
  4. Sounds awesome! I can't wait for a video performance! :)
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    Video of Black Mamba

    Sorry for the quality.. just did this at starbucks on my phone...

  6. The TING Change

    Here is a beautiful change that is fun to perform for magicians.. [video=youtube;70zEjrS32r8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70zEjrS32r8[/video]
  7. They look good, I'll keep my eyes open for them :)
  8. Hmmmm, they don't look original to me
  9. Thanks

    I will try ti get the bonus change up... these look way better in person
  10. Changes

    Zachary Tan... If they do not look original, please tell me what changes they look like and also if you can show me some video as well.. These are original. There are times where it is very possible that two people created the same thing.. does that make one person's not original??

    If you are gonna post something like that.. please back it up with something other than it doesn't look original..

  11. If I am not wrong, the change still has the same mechanics of the normal erdnase change, just that you did it a bit differently(not exposing the method) . Just by opening up all your fingers doesn't mean that this is a new way of doing the erdnase. This method has obviously been done before by many people. So yeahh....

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