3-Gone Jinn by Michael Kras

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Kras, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Hey Everyone!

    I'm not really a coin worker, but I've been working on a new routine, a 3 coin routine I like to call 3-Gone Jinn (No, I'm not a Star Wars nerd, I just like the name).

    If you could give me some pointers, advice, suggestions, or feedback in general, it would be immensely appreciated!


    Thank you!

    Michael Kras
  2. Why you always record on the bathroom?

    anyway..I think is good...it has a flow and the majority of the moves are justified...good handling and doesn´t have that corny patter you use sometimes...

    very nice
  3. Best lighting in there :p

    Anyways, thank you, I'm glad you like the routine! I'm still working on it but I'm liking it so far :)
  4. I liked it Michael. The moves were motivated (in my opinion) and it made sense. I also like it because it's different than other coin routines I've seen. The only thing I would change is the tension in your hands. It looks like you have a bit of tension that makes some of the moves look weird. I also saw some quick movements like you were guilty of doing something dirty. Just make the moves flow, have less tension, and you have a solid routine there man.

  5. I found it very nice !!! The idea of the coins travelling to the breast-pocket is indeed a great one ^^

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