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  1. firstly I need to know some really good beginner-intermediate mentalist books and impromptu books. Secondly I need to know what magic trick (gimmicks/gaffs) are the best in your opinion. And yes pick the ones you think are the best so I can research a range of people's favourite effects, thank you
  2. Funamentals by Bob Cassidy, and books/classes on acting.

    Mentalism is not the same as magic, and should not be performed the same way magic is performed. You can do mental magic, which is magic tricks that have a mental theme, but that doesn't make it mentalism.
  3. I'm assuming you mean effects that use gimmicks. I personally think the best gimmicks are the ones where the performance is truly great or significantly enhanced. I understand you aren't too interested in card magic, and that's fine, so I'm gonna give you some great effect you might really like.

    1st off, check out Angle Z by Daniel Madison. Not exactly a gimmick or a gaff, but some might qualify it as one. It is one of the easiest yet one of the most powerful card effects out there. Buy the full DVD, you will learn amazing principals you can apply to it (including an impromptu signed card version). (DVD is $15, Download is the same thing but $25 since they are trying to clear out the DVD's from the wearhouse) . (Someone told me it comes free with Madison's cards. I don't know if that's true, but if it is, you should go with that. Also, if it is true, than dang it...).

    The Raven, is a very powerful coin effect.

    For Mentalism, you may want to check out The Amaze Box (The Black Version is better but $65, the White one is smaller but only $45)

    You may also like Dress Code by Calen Morelli .

    Since you said you want to focus on Mentalism, here are 2 brand new releases everyone is Raving about.
    Akkelian Envelopes by Spidey are a great utility that allow you to work wonders.
    Cipher is E's new Mentalism app that allows you to retrieve specific info without your audience realizing.

    These are just a few of the critically acclaimed effects out there on the market to get you started. The best effects are the ones you love and will actually perform - and the only ones you should get.

    one more thing - buying these effects is useless if you don't work on your performance. If you make the performance about the tricks, it sucks. Work on your performance to give a great experience to your spectators.
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  4. Just to follow on from the above Angle Z is currently also available on magic stream which can be subscribed to for 12$.
  5. Just noticed a typo in my previous post. It's Fundamentals. And Fundamentals includes the 39 Steps at the back.

    Not true, E is not running any kind of promo like that right now. But Angle Z is a great trick. There's a gaffed version, but I think the normal version taught on the DVD is better.

    Raven is a gimmick, not an effect.

    The best tricks are the ones that the audience can connect with on an emotional level. Don't worry about what anyone else is performing, just find something you jive with and develop it into something of your own. Besides, if someone else is doing it, that's a really good reason not to do it unless you can have a version that's very distinctly your own. Otherwise you're just another cookie cutter magician.
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  6. As a 'beginner'....here are some of my favorites!

    Egg Bag
    Cups and Balls....add a Chop Cub that matches the Cups and Balls and add a PK Ring and you can do some amazing routines
    Professors Nightmare.....rope trick
    Cut and Restored Rope
    Scotch and Soda coin trick
    Invisible Deck
    Svengali Deck
    Sponge Balls
    Loops and Wax (This is really fun)

    And my first book was recommended to me from friends on this website, has been a great help to me...'Mark Wilsons Complete Course in Magic' I found a used copy on ebay, I think I paid $9 for it two years ago....

    Good Luck

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