30 Days of Magic

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  1. Hey guys! So im going to be doing a 30 day magic series on my youtube channel for the month of September. I have already uploaded my first video and I'd like it if you guys checked it out and subscribed to my channel.

    They're gonna be quite short and to the point magic videos so as to not waste time, depending on the effect and most of it will be done in one take.

    Also to minimize spamming im going to post new video links to the comments section of THIS thread so subscribe to the thread for notifications and keep comments minimal and ask only important questions. Thanks in advance guys!

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  2. I did a 30 days of magic on my channel Feb/2014 and i learned a lot in that month .... I love this kind of projects .... Good luck with the rest of the month :)
  3. Thanks a lot! I'm aiming to transition from performer to creator within the course of this project.
  4. Here you go guys, Day 2 of my magic series, this ones pretty awesome! ;)

  5. As promised, Day 3 of the Magic challenge! :)

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  6. Day 4 of the magic challenge is here! This one is quite late as I had a busy schedule but I think you'll like this one. I make Money out of nothing with magic!

  7. Day 5! I use a playing card to go back in time!


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