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  1. Hey guys, I need a little help. I've had a creativity block with an effect for a VERY long time, presentation vise.
    The effect is "Duplicity" by John Bannon, which I perform purely as a piece of mentalism (destiny or choice influence, what would have been if... etc). Although it is meant to be a magic trick.
    Anyways, the effect uses the 4 Aces, which I HATE, since I'm not presenting it as a magic trick, so why use Aces?
    So I need something that there is 4 of, and it splits into two categories. There are 4 aces, and they split into red and black Aces.
    So what else is there that there are 4 of, in 2 categories? Or something close to that...
    I was thinking about using 4 colors, and split them into warm and cold colors (red and yellow are warm, and blue and green are cold).
    Any other suggestions?
  2. Coins? heads and tails?
  3. You could use four (apparently) randomly chosen ESP cards: circle, wavy lines, cross and star. Then they could be divided between curves (circle and wavy lines) and points (cross and star). You could imply that the curved shapes tend to appeal to certain personality types and pointed ones to others which would allow for some cold reading to be thrown in. The apparently random choice of the four symbols (from a stack of ESP cards) would suggest that you were having to improvise the presentation in order to create the desired result which could add to your perceived skill level.
  4. Yes, I was thinking of doing it with ESP cards also, but I didn't know how. This is a great idea.
  5. I'm not familiar with the effect but would it be possible to use a reveal with a kicker ending by having the cards seperated into like catagories: Geometric shapes, and pictures? Then kicker it with having the backs of the cards have same colors?
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  7. It's exactly the same as "Twisted Sisters", just examinable at the end.
    The effect goes pretty much like this (without presentation):
    You present two packets of cards, one red backed and one blue backed. Spectator chooses one of them, and you (or the other spectator) are left with the other one. Then you say that those cards are the four Aces, and ask them to name red or black Aces. Let's say they name black. Finally you ask the spectator to choose either Spade or a Club for her, and you're left with the other one. Let's say they chose Spade for them, and leave you with the Clubs. Btw this is all verbal, card are still just laying on the table face down.
    So it's blue cards and Spades for them, and red cards and Clubs for you (let's imagine). Then you show that there is only one Ace face up in their packet, and it's the Ace of Spades, and the only face up Ace in your packet is the Ace of Clubs. Not only that, but they chose the only red backed Ace in a blue packet, and gave you the only blue backed Ace in the red packet (the face up Aces are of different color than the packet they're in). And finally, as a kicker, you show that all the other cards are completely blank.

    Here is the original "Duplicity", presented as a magic trick:

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