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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by addibs, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. I wanna know what you guys think is the best 4 card production. Aces, kings, queens, etc etc.

    The reason why I ask is because I have this new trick in my head the requires a 4 card production.

    just leave your favorite top 3 or any. =]
  2. I simply love the queens...

    Can't stop loving them...
  3. Beside the queens routine....I'm looking for something that doesn't show the 4 cards initially. More on the lines of producing 4 cards
  4. Hmm, real time isn't bad, but it's also really easy to make a good looking 4 card production.
    Just mess around with the top card face down, second face up, third face down, and fourth face up. See where that take takes you. You can make some miracles with that set up :)
  5. I pretty sure he means he wants to produce the cards one at a time and not all at once like in realtime
  6. im not sure whatkind of production are you looking for.. one at a time or all at the same time? mean the cards.. I'd say if all at the same time you could try molecule 2, 4 card production or if you want to get them all in different ways i think you could try molecul 2, one card production.. ITS AMAZING. Also i love this simple popout moove from the bottom, I do it like this.. i start doing kelly bottom placement and when there is a small gap between the bottom card and the rest of the deck i make contac't with my lefthand in between the bottom 2 cards and produce it forwards really rapidly so it sticks between the deck, my righthand fingers and lefthand fingers facing up. Don't know the real name of the move but i just came up with it oneday.
  7. umm.. and by the way a production that uses palming are nice too.. if you palm a card from the bottom to the lefthand while having the deck in the left hand it would look amazing if you'd just take all the tension with the deck to the right hand pop the card out from the air by pushing the card with your thumb so it would appear from your hand sideways.
  8. what about thunderbird or pheonix aces by Chris Randall
  9. Not to start an argument, since i respect the bucks for their pioneering work in cardistry, but seriously, everytime someone asks a question, the answers can always be found in the Trilogy..... there are so many other and better sources to learn from then the Bucks.....

    Just off the top of my head, i remember the "nestorizer" gimmick and dvd having some great card productions, many of which dont require the gimmick at all. plus the gimmick is usefull for some things.
  10. Lee Asher have a production call the Ripper that should fit your needs.

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