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    Onto the review...

    Download No. 1
    • First Aid Box (Cameron Francis)

    • The perfect opening effect! You take out your card case and as you open it to begin your set - DISASTER! You completely destroy the box by accidentally tearing it beyond repair! Not to worry - with a gentle rub you begin to fuse the fibres of the box back together! Where it was once almost torn completely in half, it is now totally healed and as good as new. You may now hand the box out for inspection

      One word: GENIOUS. As the ad states, "This is the perfect opening effect!" - this is "Classic Cameron". What sets First Aid Box apart is the direction Cameron (and Dave) took with the T&R plot - and I completely agree with what Dave stated on the DL, "This is the type of thing that a magician would perform if he could really restore something." This is also a T&R that makes sense, but it's also done in a casual way. The offbeat practicality is convenient and the restoration is clean and simple - and it's evident in the creativity, construction and execution of the effect.

      [*]Queekers (Dave Forrest)

      Originally included in Dave's smash debut DVD 'Trickery' (now sold out!), this is a KILLER effect with an ordinary deck of cards! Explaining how you cheat at cards you show four Queens but you explain that they are actually 'wild jokers' that you changed into the Queens to gain the upper hand at your last Poker match! You prove this as you cause the Queens to change back to Jokers, one at a time. Then, as you announce that the 'wild jokers' are also re-useable - all four INSTANTLY AND VISUALLY change into the FOUR ACES!

      Straight from Dave Forrest's DVD Trickery, this is a direct yet killer effect. All you'll need is a deck of cards and a small set-up and you're ready to perform! Dave combines many sleights in Queekers that adds another surprise to the effect - "You get a lot of magic in this effect", Dave states and that stands true. It has the spectator's head turning left and right when one second you have the Queens, the next they cleanly turn into Jokers and for the finale, they turn into the Aces. I love the premise behind Queekers and Dave thoroughly teaches everything in step-by-step instructions in a short amount of time. Although I will add, it could have been streamlined a lot better.

    Download No. 2

    • Blurred (Dave Forrest)

      A feature of Dave's hugely popular '2WO FACED' DVD, this colour changing deck is among the most practical and visual available! A card is selected and signed from a blue backed deck before being lost back inside. You cut the deck in two piles and, with one in each hand, YOU CAUSE BOTH PACKETS TO CHANGE TO RED AT THE SAME TIME! The whole deck is now red but for one card - the signed selection! But, to leave no stone unturned you snap your fingers and change the selection to red also! Super practical, super visual and easy to do - KILLER!

      Besides Pack of Lies this is worth the price of the DL alone! You’ve have to watch the demo to appreciate how astonishing this looks. It reminds me of another one of Dave’s effect, Color Burn which he also mentions on the DL. The instant of the two halves changing color is visually striking and plays a big part of the effect – a remarkable take on the color-changing deck.

    • Bil-Ink (Dave Forrest)

      One of the real talking points from Dave's 'Trickery' DVD (now sold out!) this is a total workers approach to the 'signed bill in pen cap' plot'. You borrow a bill and have it signed. In a flash the bill completely vanishes. At your leisure, it can now be re-discovered INSIDE THE PEN CAP OF THE MARKER THAT WAS USED TO SIGN IT! The marker can be in full view throughout - it can even be in the spectators possesion the whole time!

      I really like this effect, I really do but it requires a standard magician’s prop that I normally don’t use. Although, I’m confident that I will potentially perform this sometime in the near future as I’ve been looking into a practical and convenient bill to Sharpie cap, I'm going to let this sit for some time. Also it’s a really nice illusion when the signed bill appears to come out of the cap because it has that believable factor when the spectator only sees the cap and the Sharpie in your hand, especially since you’re hands are empty from their POV.

    Download No. 3

    • Pack of Lies (Dave Forrest)

      Originally featured in Dave's best selling 'Fandango' book, the ingenious 'Pack of Lies' gimmick has now been updated for use with the new style card cases. You have a card selected and returned to the pack which is then locked inside the card case. Holding the case to your head you suddenly announce the name of the selection! This strange feat is repeated before the magician comes clean, revealing a large hole in the back of the box through which the chosen card is peeked! The feat is then repeated a third time and just when the spectators think you must be using the hole in the case again - a snap of your fingers - THE HOLE IS GONE AND THE BOX MAY BE EXAMINED!

      Let me say that I’m giving this 5 star right off the bat… this is BRILLIANT. I can’t say enough of Pack of Lies. It’s such a well choreographed routine that it sucker punches the audience at the end of the effect. Let me say that I’m 100% honest when I say this will be an effect that I’ll perform on a daily basis now. When you see the handling and method behind Pack of Lies you know it's Dave at his best, and the best part is everything is completely examinable at the end – and you’re left 100% clean!

    • Monterey Jacks (Dave Forrest)

      Also a feature of Dave's 'Fandango' books, 'Monterey Jacks' is a REAL LAYMAN SLAYER! Two selections are made and left on the table. A spectator is asked to hold onto the four Jacks which have been on full view throughout. Only now are the selections lost back into the pack. At the spectators choosing, the two red Jacks are 'invisbly removed' from his hands and tossed into the pack. Then you claim to do the same with the spectators selection, invisbly removing it from the pack and tossing it towards the remaining black Jacks in his hands! Incredibly, when the deck is spread, the two red Jacks are found, flanking one of the selected cards! And, when the spectator spreads the cards in his hand he discovers that unbelievably, he is holding the two black Jacks with his selection in between! Super easy, killer card magic with an ordinary deck and no preparation!

      The first time I saw this performed, it fooled me… I didn’t have a clue. I swore there had to be a duplicate. The entire routine is streamlined perfectly; it’s convincing, it’s clean and it’s all achieved with simple sleights. The moment the spectator spreads the cards in between their hands to find their selection holds the biggest impact, and really urges the spectators to say, “…but, HOW?!”

    Download No. 4

    • Boxing Clever (Dave Forrest)

      One of the most well received ideas from Dave's 'Trickery' DVD, 'Boxing Clever' is basically the most organic 'mystery box' you'll ever find. Dave will show you how to gaff an ordinary matchbox so that it may be shown completely empty but, at your command, a signed playing card can be discovered inside - without you having to go near the matchbox at any time! The card inside can then be removed and, once again - the matchbox can be shown empty! This super-organic prop is utilised in Dave's hyper-commercial routine which involves the matchbox in such a way that it is never suspected as the place where the card will finally be discovered! At only a fiver - this must be the biggest bargain in magic!

      This is one of those effects that definitely “packs small, plays big”. Although this won’t be something I’ll be performing (as I have my own handling), this shouldn’t be overlooked – it’s very clever. What I love the most is the beautiful image of the empty matchbox before the card appears. And, this packs a little bit of humor here and there.

      [*]Royale with Threes (Dave Forrest)

      Originally found in the pages of 'Fandango' this flashy card effect hits them like a freight train! The two red Kings are set aside. A card is selected - let's say it's the Three of Hearts - and lost back into the pack. The two Kings are placed on top of the deck and the Three of Hearts instantly appears in between them! Then, WITH A FLOURISH, this three card sandwich is VISUALLY TRANSFORMED INTO ALL FOUR THREES!

      I wasn’t too fond of this one. It’s nice a nice routine that starts off as a sandwich effect and ends with an unexpected flourish-esque 4 card production. There’s a small set-up, but if you want a fancy little quickie, than you’ll like this, but for me, I’ll pass… but who knows, I’ll probably check it out sometime again later.

    Dave is unquestionably a one-man creative machine and I suggest not missing out on these DLs – there’s something you’ll learn and perform. For the price of these DLs you can’t go wrong. If you have questions, feel free to ask or PM me!
  2. So i liked the idea of First Aid Box so i went on the site to check out the demo video. after i had seen it i new i had to have it. The great thing about this trick is it is sooooo easy to do. i can see my self doing this one trick as an opener every time i take out my cards. Anyone who loves card magic should check this out.
  3. Most DEFINITELY. It's one of those ideas where you say to yourself, "So simple, yet so genius - why didn't I think of that?!"
  4. honestly i had no idea about this, and i personally dont like Dave Forrest, but after this review i had to dl and learn tricks fron No.3. and 1. Thanks
  5. Glad I could have been of help!
  6. Hey, guys! Thanks for the kind words about First Aid Box! Hope you get a lot of use out of it.

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