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  1. ok so one of my first post was this topic so i thought i would post it again just for the reason that there may be more magicians or maybe last time some body missed it so here it goes again

    1.) when and how did you get into magic

    2.)who were your biggest influences on magic

    3.)where do you get your inspirations from

    4.)and what sacrifices did you make to be where you are now?
  2. 1. Got into it about...whoa, it's been an entire year...

    2. Saw another person spring cards like 2 inches, and I wanted to do that too. So I went home, picked up a deck, and it went uphill from there.

    3. D&D, I love their visual, flourishy magic. Also d+m and WH.

    4. Um....time? and some $$
  3. 1) In the totally cliche way of buying one of Paul Daniel's box sets.

    2) I would always watch videos of Rune Carlsen for inspiration. But nowadays Derren Brown and Steven Youell are always a pleasure to watch.

    3) Probably magic on the TV. Or old VHS's of magic.

    4) My social life and my wages :D
  4. 1.) About a year ago I think now
    2.) Probably the old legends like Dai Vernon
    3.) D&D (very visual), d+M (like his stuff, W:H (like his stuff too), and the old greats (just really inspiring)
    4.) $$
  5. 1.) when and how did you get into magic

    Haha... Great story. I kinda forgot. Bought this cheap cups and balls thing from a toy shop a few years ago, and this guy demonstrating did a complete vanish with the ball. Damn, I got curious and downloaded STUCK by Greg Rostami. To be honest, I was disappointed like hell. Then there was this addiction for me to do the french drop 24/7. Impressed people, so I continued doing magic, and now I realize what I noob I was.

    2.)who were your biggest influences on magic
    My dad always related magic to Copperfield, so yeah. Now I'm all street and stuff, but stage magic has some sort of weird role in my love for magic...

    3.)where do you get your inspirations from
    Same as above, I suppose

    4.)and what sacrifices did you make to be where you are now?
    Tons of lying and practicing. I'd use to practice till perfect, but now I know that nothing is what it is without showmanship
  6. 1) Ive always been interested in magic but i never really considered it properly until about a year/ two years ago

    2) Many but I think david blaine was a major one, i mean he levitated like an inch off the ground with the balducci levitation and managed to get the whole world talking about it, now thats showmanship! !!!

    3) Various but mains are Daniel Madison, david blaine, dan and dave, and i guess to a certain extent criss angel and some of the old greats ... oh and wayne houchin too, his principals are so simple yet they amaze the hell out of anyone who sees it

    4) Time and money ... lots of both of them lol
  7. 1) I got into magic in 1983 after watching David Copperfield vanish the statue of liberty on TV. At only 2 and a half years old I told my parents then and there that I wanted to be a magician. Past time, turned to hobby, hobby to obsession, obsession to career. Now... Here I am!

    2) I draw early inspirations from Copperfield and Burton. I also draw inspiration from P&T, Mavin, and in my later years Sankey, and Doc Eason.

    3) I don't know. I just let it flow. I don't restrict the creative process. It just does what it does.

    4) I've sacraficed quite a bit. Jobs, friendships, family members, but I would have it no other way.

  8. I got into magic in 4 years ago after watching other magicans

    2 WH DG david blane and 4 awile even criss angel

    3) I don't know. I just let it flow. I don't restrict the creative process. It just does what it does.

    4) I've sacraficed quite a bit. family gf relationships but it must be done
  9. I started about 3 years ago, just for kicks, I believe. It has grown into me and its so much more now.
    Paul Wilson, John Lovick, Bill Malone, Huron Low, David Blaine.
    Watching performance videos of the afformentioned people, and seeing David Blaine's specials (which incidentaly led me to create a twisted hybrid between Angle Zero and Lit!)
    Money, Time, and perhaps a girlfriend (I guess i'll never know...)

  10. I got into magic when I was six. I was in my room and my mom called me into our family room. I came running in and she told me to sit down and watch the television. It was a Lance Burton special and after watching it, I was hooked.

    My biggest influence was Lance Burton of course. At the moment though, my influences are Wayne Houchin and Daniel Madison.

    I get my inspirations from everything. Something I see in a movie, a trick that I think is amazing, but needs a bigger kick. That's how I create my magic. I take things from movies and make them into tricks or I take an okay trick and improve it.

    Well, obviously I've sacrificed many hours of my life to practice. Peace!

  11. 1. ive been into magic for a long term but only seriously for about two years. After i discovered all the resources out there.

    2. my two biggest influences have probably been david blaine or my uncle/cousin thing... dont really know how he's related..

    3. i get my inspirations from everything, other magicians, spectators, art, etc.

    4. I dont think i make any sacrifices. I decided to follow this art and hobby and i dont see anything as a sacrifice, just an opportunity to progress.
  12. 1. I got into magic in elementary school. I must have been 9 or 10 years old. My science teacher at the time was a magic hobbyist also, so every Friday he would show the class a simple trick. The first time I saw magic was when he pushed a salt-shaker through the table top. It fooled me badly, so I started going to public libraries to study magic and satisfy my curiosity.

    2. My biggest influences in magic were David Harkey, Paul Harris, and Guy Hollingworth. After getting a decent foundation in reading Hugard and Braue, Vernon, Erdnase, etc, I found these three individuals to be some of the most talented and creative minds in the art. Their plots were so visual and offbeat and still allowed a lot of versatility in the way they were presented. They really changed my view on the craft and inspired me to think and perform more originally.

    3. Aside from being a magician, I'm also a writer. I write a lot of poetry and short stories and I enjoy conveying different emotions on paper. Sometimes, I'll read something I wrote ages ago and want to reform that same visual or emotion using performance art-- bringing that feeling to life. I find that magic is often the easiest way to do it. I also draw inspiration (in much the same way) from movies. In college, I studied film and theatre. I'm a big movie buff, and sometimes I'll watch a film and see something original in it that I'd want to recreate somehow-- whether it be a plotline or special effect. I think it's important that all magicians try to draw inspirations from everything they're passionate about-- it makes the magic that much more personal and original to them.

    4. I quit my job as a freelance photographer and newscamera operator to do magic full-time. Some say it was a huge risk or sacrifice; I personally think it was one of the smartest things I've done. It just felt like the right thing to do, and I've no regrets. I'm admittedly not making as much as I used to, but I'm happier doing what I am and I'm finding pride in the ability to still stay afloat doing it.

    You can read more about my experiences in magic here.

    Nice meeting you,


  13. 1.) I got into magic at the age of 8. Parents got me a kids magic kit. At the age of 16 I got into mentalism.

    2.) My biggest influence in magic was Jay Sankey. In mentalism, Richard Osterlind.

    3.) I get my inspirations from moves like "Phenomenon" with John Travolta

    4.) The sacrifices I've had to make is not having a family or anything like that because I am always travelling.

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