45 Degree Lean?

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  1. As many of you may have seen in Michael Jacksons dances he does a 45 degree lean. Cyril does the same thing in his act sometimes. I was just wondering if anyone knows about this... Questions are below.

    1: Is it a gimmick

    2: Where can I get this gimmick or method

    3: Is it angle safe.

    4: Does it really work as well as Cyril does it.

    5: If it is a gimmick, can you wear it around while you walk all day

    Any links to pages where I might be able to purchase this would be awsome.
    Dylan P.
  2. if I remember correctly., Jacksons version cost thousands of dollars, and Cyrils is also very expensive. these, to my knowlege, are not for sale
  3. MJ used special shoes that basically had a notch in them that fit into a small 'pole' that came up and out of the stage. This basically planted the dancers and allowed them to lean a great distance without falling over. Im unaware of the other method but have heard its very expensive.
  4. If i remember correctly Cyril's is called the Real Matrix and cost $3000
  5. Look up Malloy Magic.
  6. it does not require a "pole" lol, however anyone thinking about purchasing it should be aware (if they travel) that you will have to bring a special floor with you anywhere you'd like to perform this effect, which weighs 80-odd pounds.
  7. There is a stage effect called 'the lean' or something to that effect. it's the same effect as the one you're looking for. I hate this effect, TBH, but theres no accounting for taste!

  8. Im sure Cyril uses a muscle suspension or matrix levitation similar to Criss Angel
  9. youcan use a pole which is free but it takes pratice to get used 2 and you have to wear baggy pants
  10. Hey guys. I really don't know what one of you was talking about by bringing a special floor around. The Malloy magic thing says once they pimp your shoe you'll be able to just want around and do this whenever.
  11. They are speaking of stage, Dylan. Once you have the floor set up, you can walk around and once on the special floor, do the lean anytime. Remember, not everyone has the "street magic" mentality.

  12. Thrallmind,

    Does that mean that if I were to send my shoes to those people and have them rig it up then I would need a stage? I am just confused. Would you mind clearing it up a bit for me.

    Dylan P.
  13. You should email Mike Malloy as he's the one that's selling it. You can reach him at mike@vipermike.com
  14. Let me tell you just a bit more info on the Malloy lean. I believe the floor is basically a moderate size piece of metal. You can use it on the street, but you must plant it or disguise the reason for putting down a piece of metal to stand on.
  15. another guy used to, as part of his act, walk on dragging a road sign (he was a drunk in his act) as if he had just wrecked his car. he dropped the sign and went into his act, by the time he did the "lean" everyone had forgotten all about the sign on the ground.
  16. wait, is it like...easy to walk with the gimmick or w/e is used?
    is the gimmick bulky?
    just wondering..I was considering this trick but I didnt know if i wanted it without knowing if it's versatile
    So if anyone has this, could u please tell me?

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