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  1. Hi,

    I made my first big video of myself.
    I costed me:
    1 night of bordem
    1 deck of Tally-ho's
    3 hours of editing
    and over a year of practicing.


    Please give me Usefull en Helpfull comments if you have them.


    I know the Quality is bad but i haven't invested in a camera yet.
  2. It looked good to me. It was too much editing on the video but you obviously have card skills. Whether or not they are "advanced" remains to be seen but there were quite a few distractions from the card-work.
  3. I'll be honest and say that it was o.k. at best as far as the video editing / effects but it is evident that you have practiced and have some technique. Thanks for posting.

    Some of the cuts / flourishes looked repeated and it was weird to see you in a bath robe, sitting on the floor, etc. but oh well.

    Keep working to improve. Do you just flourish or do you perform effects for audiences as well? Just curious. I'm more of a magic guy and not flourishing.
  4. Please don't take offense to this, but I didn't like it.

    Cardistry or flourishing videos should ALWAYS be centered around entertainment (because we ARE entertainers) and so you should definitely keep in mind location. A basement or office as it looked like you filmed it gets stale after a while.

    The flourishes themselves were decent, but you had a few slip-ups at some points (mainly the dropping of cards after the anoconda). ALWAYS feel free to film it again and again until you hit a PERFECT one, especially if it is your FIRST big video of yourself. This is really the first impression people have of your cardistry, you want it to be the best.

    Third is lighting. In a few of the scenes, you stood in front of the light so completely that it became challenging for us to see what you were doing with the cards.

    Decent flourishing, subpar editing, and a bad frame-rate. Overall the idea was there, but I think it could have been made into something better.

    Sorry if that sounds mean...
  5. hahahahaha i love how you put it so nicely
  6. First of all i thanks you guys for the honest replys.

    Maye i had to tell you guys this:

    1) I was really tired and bored. I just came back from a place where I had to cook for about 90 people.

    2) Flourishing is not a real hobby for me. Its just something i do by the side. I do much more Magic.
    3) I honestly almost only recorded for like 4 times. Still have some problems with the angles in front of a build in webCam.
    4) This video is ment to show you guys how far i am. Nothing more or less. This is how far i got until now.
    5) Magic is not my absolute hobby. I just like it


    PS: Moderators please feel free to correct any errors in the text (english is not my language)
  7. Usually this crowd is meaner but you should have seen the comments on Dan and Dave's. Yeesh. They totally killed him. You should go check it out.
  8. Yep, we told it like it was, to be honest.

  9. And we are having a nice litte conversation now
  10. I agree with this, I don't have much else to add. In a video you are displaying your self and you talent so you should present you self in a way that you want to be looked upon. The first negative thing I thought when I watched the video was the bathrobe and perfoming on the floor. It is a challange to find a prime filming location though I think that more effort could have been added.
    I don't really have away to write this in a nicer way. Its great that you posted your video and I encourage you to continue doing so.

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