4th of July Magic

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  1. Tomorrow most Americans will be celebrating 4th of July, our nation's Independence Day. A lot of us will be with family and friends grilling out, swimming, and probably watching fireworks or letting them off. I'd love to see some performance videos from some of our members. Tomorrow would be a great day to put some smiles on our relatives faces.
  2. I'm not a American. I'm Vietnamese. Can i join this :D ?
  3. Nope...this is only for Americans. Ha Ha. I'm totally kidding. By all means do some magic tomorrow and film it. I'd love to see real life performance videos with actual spectators....not all of these you tube videos without spectators and real life situations.
  4. If I can get something edited together in time you better believe I'll share! Happy 4rth everyone.
  5. I have an outdoor concert with my band Waking Hollow, its some country covers, can i just post that insted?
  6. chill billy jean
  7. Well I don't know if I can get any of the video up in time for tomorrow but here's a still taken from the stage call. Best damn cast I've ever worked with at Anime Expo. Hands down!

    From left to right: Naathan Phan, Rev. Vincent Wolf, Brother Daniel the Demented, Dino Staats, Jeff Favor, and William Draven
  8. From left to right: Shin Lim, Daniel Garcia circa 2010, Harry Anderson, Kevin James , Shoot Ogawa, and Wayne Houchin.


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