52 to 1 deck by Fox and Penn

Oct 4, 2022
The ad copy says "You spread the deck clearly, showing that every card is completely different. A spectator thinks of a card. They never tell you their card and yet they cut the deck themselves, right at their chosen card!
  • After showing that the cards are clearly all different, two spectators are invited to each think of a card. Without them ever telling you their cards, you simply remove two cards from the deck and place them on their outstretched palms. You nail their selections every single time!"
This cannot possibly work as stated. Where's the rub?
Dec 1, 2012
Oct 4, 2022
Yeah, thanks, yours included (I'm a subscriber and frequent viewer). Most don't reveal much; some hint in the direction of forcing or fishing, (of course, you couldn’t cut to the right card without *anything*)…but it’s irritating that all the reviews, at least those I’ve been able to find, avoid showing an uncut performance. That makes it seem as if the ad copy is hiding something. I DO of course understand that an ad and good reviews can’t give away the mechanism, but to not even show you the actual uncut performance?

The claim of what the product can do is pretty unbelievable (I don’t mean that in a bad way) – To cut to a card someone merely ‘thinks’ of, without them telling you the card?

It just seems to defy imagination.

I did finally find ONE video of an uncut performance which I am guessing is a performance of 52 to 1, under the title Magician Dan White stuns Michael Strahan and Sara Haines with his new trick at
. The fishing occurs at about 1:50. If this is in fact the 52 to 1, that is INDEED minimal fishing. The magician still has *practically nothing* to go on, and cuts straight to the card. Well, obviously he cuts to two cards and has a choice of which to reveal (that’s what any cut is, as you can show the card atop the lower stack, or raise the upper stack and reveal its underside – this isn’t giving away a secret). But if that’s really the entire performance, it seems to be a simply impossible trick. Even if you have two chances to get it right. I can't see how any amount of gaffing and/or stacking could achieve this. A secret collaborator, yes. But nothing short of that.

Can anyone who has actually seen a full performance or purchased the product confirm that the Dan White trick above is in fact the 52 to 1 and that that’s the full, uncut performance? That's really all the fishing needed to cut straight to a merely thought of card? If so, it’s mindboggling, and kudos to the inventors!
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