"673 King Street" Effect

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Slicke, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. The awesome signature effect of an Australian magician James Galea ...
    Check this out
  2. This effect is Freakin AWESOME!

    But it makes me think about one thing...
    I like the presentation, you know fast speaking, keeping the tension etc...

    But sadly...i'm french, and it's kinda hard to have something as powerful cause you have to deal with the language.

    English sounds great and when you speak fast etc...you know what i mean...
    King Street => Rue des rois ? wtf sounds weird in french..

    have to pick some of the jokes like the 25 bucks thing that I liked a lot...and recreate the effect...

    I LOVE IT !
  3. Basically his take on Sam the bellhop, love it :)
  4. Nice presentation, the trick is simply awesome!
  5. i love this effect, and i've been dieing to create my own. in fact i even think i already posted a thread on it. oh well. i think i'm gonna buy the "worlds greatest magic: storytelling decks" for some ideas and false shuffles.
  6. Yeah I love those kinds of tricks! I also like Doc Eason's Sam routine. He runs a blank card too towards the end.
  7. I also liked how he handled the cut that went bad ....
  8. i've never liked effects like this, "story telling tricks"

    Daniel Garcia's version of Sam The Bellhop was quite funny hough
  9. He was great! The push-through was a little sloppy, though. I like his take on Bill Malone's Sam the Bellhop. :D In Bill Malone's tapes, he says the best part of STB is when he goes away from the story, out of character, and makes some comment to an audience member. This guy didn't really do that. But, I still loved it!
  10. Sam the Bellhop is not Bill Malone's, nor has Bill ever claimed it to be.

    Sam the Bellhop was the creation of legendary bar magician Frank Everhardt.

    Bill made it into a signature performance piece and added performative elements which were unique at the time.
  11. Same with me. Same the Bellhop I damn-near-pissed ma'self but I don't really care for "story-telling" effects.
  12. i have seen this once before, and ithink its really amazing, i thought about watching him do it a few times and memorize it, but i really dont feel like memorizing that much patter for one trick at this point

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