7 day delivery to the UK!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jjtee, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Wow. Just wow. Received my cards this morning exactly 1 week having placed my order by the cheapest shipping method. Theory 11 you rock!
  2. Nice man! I ordered a week ago saturday, but it shipped on thursday. so I've still got time to make that one week thing. :)
  3. I ordered min a week ago but it didn't get shipped untill tuesday just like everyone else because of the holiday in the US but mine stll hasn't arrived yet and i used the fastest shipping so i dunno whats goin on.

    i hope it comes today because i have nothing to do work etc.. so i have all day to learn and practise
  4. Wow.. i'm in the same bowl with everyone. Shipped tuesday..
  5. to the guys who have got ther delivery, jut wondering who delivered your stuff
  6. Yeah im the same, ordered the first day the site came up, So what, 10-11 Days, using the fastest method, and nothing yet.
  7. I ordered the day after the site went live and my orders shipped on tues also I think... I made two seperate orders, Distortion first then after making sure I was able to, Digital Dissolve, Guardians and Panic.

    I used the cheapest international shipping and my Distortion arrived this morning by postman

    Hopefully that means my other order should be along any day now as They were shipped a few hours after my first orer was dispatched

    Great job on this T11
  8. I ordered less that one hour after the site came up. My order was only shipped on Thursay, about one week after. I'm still waiting for it and hope it will arrive before the end of the week.
  9. Actually, it said mine shipped on thursday but they had the glitch in the system, so most people's shipped on tuesday.. including mine.. I got it today!

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