A Beautiful Deck of Cards I Stumbled Apon..

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  1. Thats the Cupid back which was originally produced in the late 1800's - 1935 or so if I'm not mistaken. They were also sold as a part of the Bicycle Vintage series recently. Hope that helps!
  2. Yes that helps alot thanks.
  3. Very pretty cards. I love the back design.
  4. exactly, i need to get my hands on a deck of these.
  5. Indeed these cards look good.

    As others have said these were made way back when. And have now been remade for the new age.

  6. Here are a few others that they put out in that series as well:

    #7 - Tangent Back :: 1907-1939

    #6 - Thistle Back :: 1891-1931

    #5 - Cupid Back :: 1894-1943
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    #3 - Safety Back :: 1892-1943

    #2 - Racer Backs :: 1895 - 1906

    Fan Back ::
  8. I use these cards now when I perform. I bought a brick of both red and blue. Great looking cards. Very elegant. They come with 1 double back, and 1 blank face card. Stock feels better than the new Standard Bikes, more like the old Riderbacks
  9. And there are still sites that have some in stock if you search online.

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